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People With Anxiety Disorders Have These 5 Science-Backed Super Powers

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by Conscious Reminder

Anxiety and how to deal with it are topics that people rarely discuss. They usually find it hard to think of the fact that there are anxious individuals and that their reasons for feeling like that are trivial things like going to the near store in order to buy a birthday gift.

While on their way between they leave their home and return, there is actually a world which is full of questions and fears with which they must cope.

Although suffering from such disorder has several downsides, anxiety sufferers also have a heightened sense of perception and even superpowers which are backed by science. The five most common are:

Increased levels of empathy.

When a person deals with anxiety, this means that he or she also struggles with emotions. This gives anxious people the ability to understand their feelings better, and even those of the people around them.

Such levels of empathy are not that common in those people that don’t struggle with emotions every day, so this helps the people who suffer from anxiety to better connect themselves with other people.

Increased levels of intelligence.

A person suffering from anxiety spends most of his or her time in recalling events from the past, analyzing situations from the past, and analyzing the possible outcomes of specific decisions or plans. This actually means that the brain of an anxious person processes great volumes of details and information most of the time.

We excellently know that increased levels of intelligence are necessary for that purpose. According to the findings of some researchers from the SUNY Downstate Medical Centre in New York, those people who suffer from anxiety, possess higher levels of IQ than others.

Detecting lies.

As a result of their anxiety, these people are more cautious. So, this actually makes them excellent lie detectors. When they notice some inconsistency in everything that is discussed or even something that does not add up too, they are definitely going to be those that will first say that inconsistency aloud.

Instincts that save lives.

When a person spends most of his or her time in thinking about the possible outcomes of decisions and plans, he or she finds it quite easier to sense potential danger. According to one study which was published in the European Journal of Psychology, those people that are anxiety sufferers possess well-developed instincts that can save their lives, and they can better detect danger and even respond to it.

According to the findings of one French team of scientists, anxiety sufferers have an authentic sixth sense which can save lives. As they discovered, specific brain regions are able to detect dangers and threats in less than 200 milliseconds or so.

Sensing the energy of others.

People that suffer from anxiety have strengthened intuition or also a powerful gut feeling about others. They can sense if a person radiates positive or negative energies. When they click with others, and they feel pleasant and comfortable in those people’s company, they feel like that as of the positive energy which those people carry. However, on the other hand, getting negative vibes means that those people possess negative energy.

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