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The Archetype Of Lilith And The Feminine Escape Of Reality

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

The Archetype

The Lilith archetype is associated with every unfeminine aspect a woman might have to her, as dictated by patriarchy. It has always been a certain way- a woman is always expected to get rid of any aspect that she might possess if it not traditionally feminine. Therefore, there is repression of true self and a cold war with masculinity, which is represented by Lilith, who provides us with ways to deal with this imbalance and do away with the tension.

Repressed Lilith

Lilith is associated with sensuality, fury and other strong characteristics, which is why some parts of her personality had to be kept hidden, courtesy, the patriarchy. In some cultures, she is also known as the night monster and the goddess of wrath. In Sumerian culture, she is related to ritual prostitution in temples. She is extremely powerful and intense.

Her Wandering Once Banished

When she was banished, Lilith started wandering in the shadows and it was her presence that disturbed the once harmonious presence of the male and the female counterparts and there was conflict. Soon, it so happened that that masculinity took over, which is why we have the patriarchal way of life now. The masculine and the feminine counterparts lost their abilities to understand each other.

The Self Defying Masculinity

The masculine style of creation, where one places their particular individual style, colour, race and other things of the like above others formed the presence of a duality. This in turn, formed interdependence but that does not mean that there is not a feminine aspect of that is natural, creative and sensitive.

The Feminine Retreating

The male style of creation was supported by some feminine parts and this gave way to femininity moving backwards in a way, and led to it losing all shape and direction and assuming a subordinate role. She was stuck behind while the man assumed his role as the leader of the society. While the feminine part had essentially lost her voice, her spirit did not agree with this subordinate role that she had suddenly been assigned. This in turn, gave way to her wanting her separate share in the society and an entity that is separate from the masculine and gives her a separate identity that is not limited to the role of a “mother” or a “wife”.

Other Aspects

The other parts of Lilith had are associated with her feeling restrained to a degree when she wants to leave reality behind and find a world of imagination where she is free. Her wandering broke the wholeness of femininity down and isolated the male and female counterparts. This led to an internal conflict and duality that we have talked about in the previous points. This duality and the inner conflict can be found in detail and discussed in length in stories of Osiris and Set, Cain and Abel and Enki and Enil.  These talk about the conflict and how the conflict led from one thing to other.

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1 comment

EL October 25, 2019 - 6:52 pm

The first original sin occurred, when Adam’s ego wanted his co-created “with” him female “partner” Lilith, to be subservient to him… Rather than creating a collaborative workable partnership, where each worked “with” the other, for the greater good of “all” involved! Thus, Adam whined to God when Lilith wouldn’t succumb to his selfish “ego” desires (<the original "sin"), and another feminine subordinate was created to replace her, Eve… This aspect of "me before thee, instead of what is good for us", is the initial problem too many have failed to point out and recognize… Because of this schism, dualistic redundancy continues to play out on all timelines! It's time the duality belief of "in order for me to win, you have to lose" schism ends! Either everyone works towards unity and what is good for “all”, or the human race will end! Consider this, all humans bleed red… Stay divisive and die, or unify and thrive! Namaste…


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