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7 Things That Reveal Your Unique Personality Right Off The Bat

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We meet all kinds of people in the course of life. Some become closer than others but some are just toxic, manipulating you in all kinds of way even without you realizing it.

It’s important to be able understand a person’s true personality the very first time you see them. Then you can pick out people with good attributes like courage, kindness and intelligence.

Here are some aspects you need to analyze in order to see whether you want to befriend a person.

1. Your handwriting

The National Pen Company conducted a study on different handwritings and proved that introverted, cunning people had small handwriting as opposed to extroverts.

Even the amount of pressure they use can tell you if they’re serious or light-hearted.

2. The colors you wear

Artsy, sympathetic and observant people tend to wear dark shades while those who live life exuberantly picked red. In this manner people with a certain set of attributes always picked certain colors.

3. Biting your nails

A person’s body language tells you a lot about them. For example, if they bite their nails, they’re usually perfectionists who stay true to themselves but are often apprehensive

4. Your shoes

A prominent psychologist at Kansas University, OmriGillath has discovered that you can tell almost everything about a person by examining the type, cost, shade and condition of their shoes.

5. Your eyes

Your eyes reflect your real emotions. Some surveys suggest that blue eyed people are more calm than dark eyed people. Not making direct eye contact can indicate nervousness and little self-control.

6. Your punctuality

A person who is late even for crucial appointments immediately creates a bad impression for themselves. Punctuality indicated that you respect others and are organized and motivated.

7. Your handshake

People who give firm handshakes are generally sure of themselves. Those who don’t tend to be nervous and scared. Handshakes can also reveal if a person is hostile.

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