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10 Lessons You Need To Learn For Yourself Before You Get Into A Relationship

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by Conscious Reminder

Every one of us should follow love all the time. However, we have to be sure that we are appropriately doing that and that we have reasonable reasons for that purpose. We are not supposed to jump in and then out of a relationship, having unhealthy and wrong approaches.

We have to be emotionally mature so we can make relationships to work appropriately. We can achieve emotional maturity only if we are willing to learn, or also grow from our mistakes. We have to keep our mind open and ensure that we equip ourselves with such valuable lessons just before we start a relationship.

Here are the ten most important lessons everyone should learn before starting a relationship:

1. No person or relationship will be enough for us to feel complete.

Just because we start a relationship does not mean that we will feel complete in our life. Actually, we should not expect a sense of completion, as we will not be completed as we always wanted to. We have to remember that life is complicated and complex.

2. Value our sense of individuality and privacy.

When we start a relationship, we have to be aware that we need to share our life with our partner. However, before beginning that relationship, we have to learn that we need to value the sense of our privacy and also individuality. Not acknowledging our self-worth means risking the relationship.

3. We are the single person we may rely on when in trouble. 

Most of the time, we are the only one we can rely on when we are in some trouble. Even when in a relationship, we have to be aware of the fact that we will not always be a priority to our partner. Even when they want to be with us when we need them, it may be impossible.

4. Finding our success although we are not in a relationship.

The sense of self-fulfillment and success within us should not depend on our relationship status. We always need to have the ability to achieve success, regardless of being single or having a partner.

5. A relationship is not necessary for happiness.

Our happiness should not be connected with our relationship status at all. Also, it is the primary purpose that every one of us has, so, it should not be something that has to be connected with being single or with a partner. A relationship may contribute to our overall happiness; however, it is not supposed to be the entire story.

6. Having real friends is more important than having romantic partners.

Of course, it is good to have some we love and with whom we share a special connection. However, what is more, important for us is to surround ourselves with real friends that will really know how they should take care of us. So, when we search our romantic partner, we should not forget to search for real friends too.

7. Putting ourselves in the first place.

We are the priority in our lives. This does not mean that we are selfish, and selfishness is not something terrible, particularly when it does not hurt the other person. We have to care for ourselves at first place before we start caring for the others.

8. We shouldn’t surrender our dreams because of our relationship.

When we start a relationship with someone, it does not mean that we have to surrender our dreams and goals. We will probably need to make certain compromises and adjustments, which is understandable.

9. Starting a relationship will not make us lose our individuality.

Only because we started a relationship, it doesn’t mean that we have to surrender our sense of self. It is true that we subscribe to contact with someone else, but he or she has to be respectful of the fact that two individuals are needed in order to create a relationship. We are not supposed to give our individuality in order to be with him or her. 

10. Ignoring our problems will not make them go away.

Starting a relationship may be a good distraction for us. It can give us the ability to escape from reality when we fall in love with a person. However, when we get in a relationship, some other problems which we have in our life will not solve themselves on their own. Our relationship should not be our excuse to not taking care of our personal problems.

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