Why I Keep Seeing The Same Person In My Dreams?

by Conscious Reminder

Sometimes, repeatedly dreaming the same individual can make us feel afraid. We will wonder for weeks, or months on, why this same person constantly shows up in our dreams, and we may never find the right answer.

After all, this repetition of the same person in our dreams may mean nothing, after all. According to science, our dreams are electrical impulses of the brain that arise randomly.

Moreover, there is one theory that suggests that such thoughts appearing randomly do no make our dreams, but we ourselves do them. According to the suggestions of psychologists, dreams can indicate several factors. They can show our feelings, desires or thoughts. Can this be a reason for the appearing of the same individual in our dreams constantly?

Why the same people appear in our dreams?

These are some of the solutions which will definitely help us when we the same individual keeps appearing in our dreams, every single night:

They are the people we see on a daily basis.

Every one of us knows that dreams come as a result of our memories and thoughts, so the person that continually appears in our dreams may be someone that we see every day. So, in such case, we don’t have to read a lot about this dream and to burden with it.

They can be our ex.

Sometimes, although we separated from our ex, and we don’t think of him or her anymore, he or she will still be there.

We kept moving ahead, and we don’t have a romantic partner, or our subconscious probably put that person as a placeholder for another one we may be very interested in meeting.

We also wish for romantic emotions and feelings, so our subconscious fills such gaps as we don’t have anyone else in our life anymore.

Strangers in our dreams.

In these dreams, we see strangers repeatedly. It was noted that at the time of REM dreams we are able to see about two or even three individuals. Most of them we are never going to recognize, and we are going to see that same stranger that was last night, or two night ago in our dreams.

According to statistics, strangers in our dreams are often male as they will behave aggressively. Also, they are probably our enemies or individuals that are threatening.

However, we also have to evaluate that person, is he or she welcoming, threatening or protective? By assessing that situation and finding the dream’s meaning, we may gain better insight.

A person we have deep feelings for.

That person can be someone we have feeling for, or someone with whom we are still not connected, or even a person that is not in our life anymore.

If the person is someone we see every day, and he or she is not aware of our feelings, they can appear in our dreams frequently. However, when he or she is a person that is not in our life anymore, they can be strangers in our dreams.

Dreams are something wonderful and unusual regardless of the places or people we see and visit in them.

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