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Solar Eclipse & New Moon In Cancer: Say Goodbye To The Old

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by Conscious Reminder

The Solar Eclipse and the New Moon of 2018 are more interesting than one might think. It is right in the middle of Hades and Castor, which means that it is the age old and ever valid battle of the good and the evil. It also represents the two sides of all men along with a sort of understanding that is needed to lead a life.

This Solar Eclipse is much more than what I just mentioned, though. It will bring about a lot of positivity in your life, too, as there will be a few grand trines around this time. The Full Moon will be on the opposite of Pluto and we all know that there is no planet quite like Pluto that helps us say goodbye to things that we do not need and are cluttering our lives.

Let us talk about how the New Moon Solar Eclipse looks with regard to Cancer in Decan 3:

When it comes to the above, one must remember that it is upon the twin stars, Castor and Pollux, something that triggers an undecided-ness in everyone. Not only this, sometimes these stars make you very rash and you end up indulging in your impulses and that eventually leads to regret and disappointment.

What is even more interesting is the seemingly sudden jump from innocent to evil. This knowledge might make you deal with more than you deserve to, so you must take care of that too. There is a chance that you might be overemotional about things in general.

A New Moon always denotes a new start and fresh beginnings. We are essentially at the brink of doing anything- because we start right from the point when nothing has been done yet.

It is in our hands to do whatever we want and we are all armed with a unique ability to change everything about our lives and this can be empowering and terrifying at the same time because as humans we are always scared of doing it wrong.

All you have to do is strike a balance and make sure nothing goes wrong. It might sound daunting but once you get to it and weigh out the pros and cons of everything you are doing objectively, you will be fine.

There is a lot of significance attached to the fact that this particular Full Moon is on the opposite side of Pluto, as it will have a dual effect on people. On one side, you might find your evil side taking over and you exploiting other people’s weaknesses that you are aware of.

Having said that, thanks to Castor, your good and kind side would not be completely out of bounds either.  There is also a requirement for you to be careful and make sure that you do not make yourself vulnerable to other people because a New Moon is always a very sensitive time. So basically, too much of anything will be harmful so we must take care.

In conclusion, it will be a time of mixed emotions and feelings, some positive and some negative but we must remember that the ultimate decision to do anything lies with us and nothing can make us do something that we do not want to do.

It will be a tough time for many but it is under pressure that diamonds are made. Hold on because things will get better and fall into place. All you have to do is stick it out till the end and make sure you see the end of it. Trust your instincts and take advice if you need.

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