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No Retrogrades In Your Love Life In 2019, Thanks To Venus & Mars

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

2019 is going to be an optimistic one. Jupiter will be moving to Sagittarius, which is just the kind of optimism we need to face in the year.

Plus, you will have Mars and Venus, the controllers of your love life, going direct for you. Generally, they go retrograde and bring in some turmoil in your love-life, but entering the direct phase is probably the best thing that can happen to you. The future is going to be amazing for all the zodiac signs:-


If you were confused about what you want from your love, then this period will make it clear to you. Aries brings a sort of veil-lifting and makes you encounter with what you truly want. Maybe you had compromised on love and settled for something lesser. It’s time to alter your standards. You should not sell yourself this less.


Venus is going to directly affect your health areas. As a result, if you are working in health care or fitness industry, you are in for a major change in your life. There will be a lot of growth and prosperity in your life at this moment. Personally, you should meditate and think about your health. Breathe in and feel the new energy within you. This is going to be a healthy period for you.


Venus will turn direct and influence your love life and happiness. Things will be looking up for you. If you had been facing any hardships in your relationship, then this is the time when you will start seeing some recovery in that area. It might go back to the way it was before or you might even gain some clarity over certain hidden areas in your relationship that will make you feel fulfilled. This time, you might become a bit social too. Your ruling planet Mercury goes to retrograde, so be prepared to work on certain aspects of your relationship or get a positive closure as well.


Due to Venus being direct now, you can bring a lot of improvement in your relationship with family and close people around you. However, when the Venus retrograde takes place, you might encounter relocation and feel some distance occurring between friends and family. Disagreements due to different opinions can also take place. However, when Venus becomes direct, you might encounter some positive changes as well.


Venus becomes visible in your third house. As a result, if you had any problems with transportation or other aspects of communication, you will find that they are slowly getting solved. Communication issues will settle down and there will be areas where you might need to work upon, to become kinder and a little considerate. If you are into media, you might experience a boom in the market, with new clients coming your way.


As Venus is going to go direct in your 2nd house, you are going to find yourselves a host of new financial opportunities. It might be time to invest in some beautification projects for your house. Also, you might come across occasions when you will identify your propensity in order to accumulate more money in your favor.


Venus will come direct in your first house. That means you will stand out among the crowd. You will be more recognized in the world. People will listen to you and will be pleased to work with you. It is also an optimistic time for Librans as they will undergo a rebirth process – a sort of new year for them.


Venus is going to go direct in the 12th house. As a result, you will begin your life of discovering yourself as who you are. You might discover things about yourself which you did not know existed before. You might even encounter love in a new way. During this time, you will have more pleasure in all your sensual acts that will only tantalize you.


As Venus goes direct in your 11th house, new areas of companionship will be opening up for you. You will start making new friends and you might start to find influential people coming into your life too. They will build a support system around you. You will be more capable of living a structured life directed at your career. If you had not been recognized for your work, you will start getting the recognition, though you may not progress in your work due to some reason.


This is a positive time for you with Venus turning direct in your 10th house. You might feel like you need to improve your attention and focus, but since you work hard, this realization will make you work harder. Your career will reach new heights during this time.


Venus is going direct in your 9th house. Areas of travel and new opportunities will open up before you. Since you will be meeting up with new people, you will encounter new cultures and all of it will be a sort of enlightening phase for you. You will learn more about different cultures as well.


It is a time for rebirth and a fresh start for you. Since Venus goes direct to the 8th house, it is time for you to revamp your ideas and concepts and start anew. Leave the past in the past. While you may not forget it completely, the past will change according to your renewed perspective and make you learn something new about it.

It’s not always that you get this sort of amazing year ahead. Don’t let this time go away. Enjoy it – discover new things and mend any relationships that are worth it. Best of luck!

“The Alchemical Wedding”, by Emily Balivet

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Gema February 9, 2019 - 4:45 pm

You should make sure you credit the artist(s) of the images you use, such as the main one utilized in this article, a piece called “The Alchemical Wedding”, by Emily Balivet.
Thank you


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