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The Love Frequency: Solfeggio 528 Hz

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by Conscious Reminder

How To Experience the Love Frequency?

Everything in this world comprises of energy and every energy vibrates at a specific energy frequency. These frequencies have different effects on us depending on the type of energy frequency it is.

While some frequencies can make us feel stressed or weary, others can make us feel calm and blissful. One such healing frequency is 528 Hz which is also known as The Love Frequency. It invokes progress, calm, healing, divine connection, feelings of love.

What is 528 Hz?

Dr. Leonard Horowith, who introduced the conceptual idea of 528 Hz says that the frequency is the very core of “Musical mathematical matrix of creation”. He gave the term love frequency to 528 Hz because he believed that this frequency can be seen in the ‘Heart’ of almost every single thing. This frequency thus bonds one heart with all others, one heart with the higher self, one heart with all the forces of the universe.

Amazing power Of 528 Hz.

This frequency is said to be very strong, so powerful that it can even restore the damages dome to DNA of a person (or animal, plant) and can restore the equilibrium forces of the nature.

The power of vibrations was understood deeply by the 19th century physicist and scientist Nikola Tesla, who made the assertion that by limiting or eliminating some of the harmful energy vibrations, we can reduce the chances of getting a disease by significant margin. Thus, it is pertinent to know which energies are good and which are particularly bad.

Solfeggio Frequencies

Solfeggio frequencies is a larger group of good vibrations of which the love frequency is just one. These frequencies were organized formally around tenth century and have the power to increase the energy, positivity of the people and objects within the audible range.

These frequencies are required by our body to maintain its balance. These are:

936Hz– This will allow you to connect to the ultimate soul.

852Hz– This helps you develop intuition and see truth

741Hz– This vibration allows you to cleanse your energy and to engage in problem solving

528Hz- This frequency is believed to be capable of repairing DNA, attracting love and even attracting miracles in one’s life.

417Hz– This helps you do deal with the changes in a more constructive way.

396Hz– This removes guilt and help you achieve your goals.

Access Scientific Proof

In 2010, a scientific study was undertaken by some researchers from Vancouver who studied the effects of the BP oil spills in the Gulf of Mexico. They found that the frequency 528Hz was having an unbelievable healing effect on all the physical things. It was able to clear the area within 1Km radius in just 24 hours.

Other Important Frequencies

Frequency 444 is though not a part of the classical Solfeggio scale, still it is a very powerful healer as it stimulates the Chakra of Heart.

Frequencies 62-68 Hz are also great for the replenishment of the powers of physical bodies.

How To Use These Healing Frequencies

The best way is to simply listen to these frequencies produced through special music organs, gongs, singing bowls etc. Playing these music at your home not only helps you, but helps the entire community.

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