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Full Buck & Thunder Blood Moon July 27, 2018 — Emotional Rollercoaster

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by Conscious Reminder

This July, experience the longest full lunar eclipse which should last for 1 hour and 23 minutes according to the researchers.—

On July 27, 2018, the moon will pass through the center of the earth’s shadow, resulting in a rare central lunar eclipse.

Many refer to this phenomenon as the Blood Moon for the red color that it emits at this time, due to its reflection on the earth’s atmosphere.

In some native culture, this lunar eclipse is also known as the Thunder Moon. As we all know, July is the month of heavy downpours and turbulences which implies Mother Nature’s fury against those who misuse her resources.

However, it could also be seen as the Mother’s Mercy as the abundance of water supply at this time also helps us to fight with the tormenting weather and nourishes our surroundings.

The other names for this Full Moon are, Full Hay Moon and Full Buck Moon, because at this time the off-springs of Buck Deer go through a massive physical transformation by growing antlers on their soft velvety forehead.

Note: this rare event will cause exchange of powerful energies. Absorb as much as possible and use it for your own betterment.

The energy transmitted through the eclipse will help you renew your commitment towards your career and your family.

It’ll also illumine the conflicts between your roots and direction and you will further feel a lot of emotional revelations occurring in your conscious system.

After all, this Lunar Cycle is all about purging your emotions out. You have been rearing inside you a huge mountain of unexpressed feelings for all this time. But you can’t let them rest any longer because in one more week they are going to come right shooting out of your system.

Therefore, pray and decide from before the things that you want to do on this Day. Here are a few suggestions:

It’s the right time to boost your crystals, the powerhouses of your energy, in solar power by daytime and in lunar energy by night.

It’s also a good time to perform several spiritual rituals.

Exactly on the night of 27th July, you can perform a Burning Bowl Ceremony to get rid of things that you don’t need in your life anymore.

Following is a list of the July elements that you should keep in your mind:

  • Colors: silver, blue-gray
  • Trees: oak, acacia, ash
  • Animals: crab, turtle, dolphin, whale
  • Birds: starling, ibis, swallow
  • Stones: pearl, moonstone, white agate
  • Flowers: lotus, water lily, jasmine
  • Herbs: honeysuckle, lemon balm, hyssop
  • Scents: orris, frankincense

How to commence the Full Moon Ritual?

Our ancestral gurus used to initiate the ritual by taking a long and pure bath because they believed that water acts as a medium to transfer energy.

I, therefore, suggest you to slow down; take a long, peaceful bath in Epsom salt water. Feel each and every drop of it, soak within all the positive energy and let go of all your negative emotions. Heal your wounds. Let your pains, frustrations, rejections go down the drain. Feel the purity of it. Let it cleanse your system; let it give you a new life.

To know more about this day and to get more suggestions about how to keep the negative energy away, write to us in the comments section below.

Also, share this article with your friends and family to spread the knowledge about the importance of this rare event. Till then, Love and Light!

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