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If Life Throws You To The Ground, These 5 Things Will Help You Restore Your Faith In Magic

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

There are times when magic is not perfect at all and is not beautiful too. Living life with magic and practicing magic is some kind of art it is the way we look at things, and the way we bring some light into the darkness.

For example, when we are practicing some things such as spells, manifestation, rituals, or we simply try to spend our everyday life sparkling, we have to remember that action and faith are always the forces that guide us, even at times when nothing is going according to our plans.

There are a lot of people who ask how they can trust in magic once again, when everything in their lives seems to be head over heels, covered in haze and depressing, and nothing feels magical anymore. We have all experienced such things. We spent hours and hours in wondering where our magic disappeared and why our dreams are not becoming a reality.

But, how can we rekindle our magic and start believing in it once again?

1. We have to remember that tragedy holds some beauty, there is light in the dark corners, or that we can find gifts even in the hardest situations.

Just as things look as they are not going our way, we have to believe in the entire journey. We have to keep dreaming, believing, and opening our palms in order to receive.

2. We should look at our life as a piece of art.

We should look at our life as a piece of art, even in some ugly parts. When we look longer, we may see all the beauty in them too, because when we look for a couple of seconds, we cannot see that beauty immediately.

3. Connecting with our highest selves, our divine spark.

Our highest selves know what we actually need more than anything or anyone else. However, when we disconnect from it, things may go awry, or life may feel a mess. We may have everything we thought we wanted, but we will still feel disappointed, sad or angry. When our ego runs the show, we will not feel fulfilled. When some things don’t feel quite right, we will feel weak and lost, just like everything we do does not work, so we should tap into our highest self stat and listen to everything they say.

4. We should not push too much and too hard.

There will be times when our lives require from us to relieve ourselves and keep going with the flow. So, when the things get hard and muddy, and we cannot walk through them, we have to close our eyes and then imagine ourselves floating down into the calm river. We should let our muscles and bones relax in the water. Then, we should let our spirit to refresh itself as we will let go and trust that this river is going to take us where we have to be.

5. We have to keep in mind that the magic consists in small details.

It will not always be some momentous occasion an in-your-face spectacle. The magic can be the little violet butterfly or the first sip of coffee in the morning, or some intentions we set on a daily basis. Magic is created by everyday things, which include us too. We are that cosmos which whirls and twirls in the infinite time and space. 

When we are not able to see magic from outside, we should look carefully for it from the inside. That is where everything begins.  We are magic, and our life is also magic. Nothing and no one has the ability to take it away from us.

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