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These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Have The Worst New Moon In Libra 2018, But It’s All Worth It

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Whether you’re a devoted believer in astrology or simply a marveler of the cosmos, it’s undeniable that the lunar cycle ebbs and flows with your spirit. On a full moon, your wildness is ignited and set free to ride with the wolves.

On a new moon, however, that wildness dissipates into something much calmer. Instead of intensity, you are met with rejuvenation and release. Suddenly, it’s time to let go of the past, learn from your mistakes, and make the decision to move forward.

Despite how positive this lunation is famous for being, the universe has a way of intervening with your peace. Keep this in mind when I say that these zodiac signs will have the worst new moon in Libra 2018: Taurus, Scorpio, and Pisces. Trust that you’ll feel just as challenged if any of these zodiac signs happen to be your rising sign.

While the new moon will be in the steadying and balancing sign of Libra, there are cosmic disturbances that could make your search for harmony a far more difficult one. However, it’s important to remember that it’s often the most stressful astrological times that provide us with the most beautiful results. Keep hanging on, astro warriors.


Because the new moon in Libra will take place at the same time that Venus, your ruling planet, will be in retrograde, there’s a chance that this lunation will leave you off to a rough start. When your ruling planet is going through apparent retrograde motion, it has the capacity to disturb your life in countless ways. While a new moon is about moving forward and setting off towards a new beginning, a planetary retrograde takes you back in time, causing old issues from your past to resurface. Instead of the powerful future that a new moon is supposed to have you envisioning, you may be nostalgic for the past.

If you’re feeling rocky on the new moon, trust that even if it may not seem like it, you are still being catapulted forward. Your past continues to haunt you merely because you have yet to completely set yourself free. Take time for release and renewal.


Despite how magical the new moon in Libra may feel for you, it will happen while Venus retrograde occurs in your first house of the self. Because the new moon will radiate energy throughout your 12th house of the unconscious, you will feel deeply in touch with your intuition and your imagination. While your psychic veil will be thinning, Venus retrograde has the capacity to make you feel insecure about your overall appearance and identity. There could be conflict between the way you feel about yourself and the way you want others to feel about you. This seesawing energy could push you towards self-destructive behavior if you’re not careful.

Make sure you reserve time for solitude during this lunation. You’re receiving vital information from the cosmos and your especially susceptible to negative vibrations. Protect your energy at all costs.


The new moon in Libra will take place in your eighth house of sex, death, and rebirth, making this new beginning flourishing with intensity and passion. It will be time purge yourself from unwanted darkness and rise from your pain.

However, growing stronger is always easier said than done, especially when this lunation will form a quincux with Neptune, your ruling planet. In astrology, a quincux creates a bizarre amalgam of energy. In fact, this energy can be so alienating that it can feel like opposing magnetic forces. You may be faced with a perspective that is so unlike your own, it requires compromise and understanding in order to be understood.

This new moon will be about overcoming differences and opening your heart to new ideas. Try your best not to stubbornly cling onto something futile.

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