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Twin Flames & What Really Is Love?

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Let’s face it, everything we know about love, comes either from movies or from books. That is why we hardly ever find such ‘picture perfect’ couple’s around us, in real life.

Almost everyone is struggling in their own way. And even then, we don’t give up on the idea of Romantic love which Hollywood has conditioned us to believe in.

Since a very young age, we start fantasizing about our soulmate, our life partner. We start creating a checklist of the qualities, characteristics and features that our better half should have.

Without ever even realizing what we are doing, we mentally create a type. And the funny part is that a twin flame, almost always, doesn’t fit into this ‘type’.

For instance, I always thought I’d fall in love with an athletic, handsome, ‘jock’ kind of guy.

And yet when I found my twin flame, he was a homely, nerdy type. And guess what, it didn’t matter even a bit. Because right from the get go, it felt right.

And then, his physical features didn’t matter at all. I just knew that if ever was there a guy made just for me, he was the one.

And that is the story with most twin flame relationships. Almost all the twin Flames agree that they cannot tell why they are attracted to their flame, they just do.

It simply feels right, and they know they wouldn’t have it any other way. In fact, being in a twin flame relationship also makes us question the preconceived notions which we have about love.

We have always been exposed to a ‘romantic’ idea of love. And anyone who’s met their twin flame would know that that is not the only kind of love out there.

There are so many levels and facets of love, that the boxes provided by the society would never be enough to explain exactly what that is.

The intensity of a twin flame relationship goes above and beyond physical chemistry.

Your twin flame would be everything you need them to be. Every kind of relationship. You just need to trust your instincts and not think too much about what the society’s idea of love is.

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