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Astrology Of Aquarius: The Unique Rebels Of The Zodiac

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by Conscious Reminder

Personality Traits

Aquarians are innately rebellious. That makes them spontaneous and a bit eccentric as well. It also makes them a bit detached from everyone else, and appear conservative even though they may not actually be so. They are quite scientific-minded and as a result, can think logically. Chances are that if they are secluded and appear reserved, they are actually thinking of the next step.

On top of that, Aquarians are actually good planners. They can think ahead of themselves and combine their intuitive strength and imagination to do so.  Due to their nature of planning ahead, they tend to be into work rather than into people so as to secure their future. However, it’s not that they don’t like social contact- they know how useful it is for growth and so Aquarians value it.

Risks are a part of life and they know it. Hence, Aquarians like to take different risky chances whenever they can. Generally, they take the leap of faith keeping the progression of their goal in mind. However, even though they may take risks, they take it without letting any kind of nobility go away. Yes, they can be demanding and critical, but that is because they are really passionate about advancing their cause. The best thing about them is that whatever they do, they have humanitarian or social ideals behind it.

Element of Aquarius

Air is the element of Aquarius.

It is yang energy and is also masculine, thereby it represents the world of ideas and a link between the non-physical and physical world. Air is related to Jung’s typology of thinking. As a result, Air people have a tendency to stay in their own heads dealing with a lot of ideas. They are scientific and curious and different kinds of ideas keep them stimulated. Because of this, they may seem detached. Since they are dreamers and idea-hoarders, they will like to collect more ideas in the form of debates and arguments. So, if they are trying to argue with you, it means they are trying to learn something more.

Mode of Aquarius

The Mode in which Aquarius stays is Fixed

People with Fixed signs have a tendency to be reserved. They are introverted and like to observe rather than go out of their way to interact with others. They might appear stubborn as they do not like to go out of their chosen route.

Planets that Rule Aquarius

Aquarius is ruled by Saturn and Uranus

Uranus is revolutionary. It tries to bring about changes within so that you can be freer and be who you are. It gives you new possibilities to explore. Uranus is exalted by Aquarius, which helps you to learn new ideas and gets you out of the conventional thought patterns that we generally keep going back to. As a result, it will make you more original. The Aquarius-Scorpio relationship is associated with electricity, astrology and mental studies – all related to new ideas and new possibilities.

On the other hand, Saturn is limiting. It will bring discipline and punctuality in the life of Aquarians. It is important that the free-spirit does not become indulgent. So, Saturn helps in making you economical and more grounded. Saturn rules the hard-working Capricorn and it is exalted when it is in Libra. It tries to show you the parts of your life that are suppressed due to some intrinsic fear which can be worked on when you are moving forward in your life.

This January to February season is for the Aquarians. So be inventive, curious, and make your ideas come to life.

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