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How To Relight The Spark In Your Romantic Relationship And Add More Love

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by Conscious Reminder

What happens when you stop nurturing a relationship with care and attention? It gradually begins to recede into the background until it dies.

Hence it is essential to evaluate your relationship every now and then to see if you’re getting too comfortable in its banality. If yes, then maybe it’s time to rekindle the spirit of love again.

You could try the following steps to nurture your relationship like us.

1. Observe, question, discuss

It’s very important for partners to be around for each other and observe the changes in them. If you suspect any change in mood or behavior, ask questions. Sometimes just discussing things with your partner, or answering their queries helps you organize your feelings better. Asking questions and discussing opinions will make your bond stronger.

2. Share your dreams and thoughts

Sometimes you’re so muddled with our thoughts that you cannot visualize clearly. This is true especially when you’re thinking something big like buying a house, or planning a baby. Look for the solutions together and help each other organize your thoughts. It will certainly make you feel more relaxed now that you’ve shared the emotional burden equally.

3. Shower together

Take out time from your busy schedule to shower together. It could be anytime in the week when both of you take a long, comforting shower. Do not rush through this and take your time to feel relaxed.

4. Slip a love note

Small gestures of love spontaneously placed around the house are always a delight. Slip a love note expressing your affection and gratitude for who they are.

5. Do your partner’s chore for a change

For a change, take up a chore that your partner does not enjoy doing. Even if your tasks are divided, if you offer to take up their work once in a while, it’ll make them feel special and loved.

6. A morning hug for extra love

Mostly we’re so busy in our schedule that we rush to work without even sharing some morning time with our partner. You could try getting up 10 minutes in advance just to cuddle your partner. It’ll be your most special and loved time together.

You could spend time together on a trip, while cooking, discussing projects, etc. Listen to your partner, observe, and be present for each other—it’ll help you grow together.

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