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Seeing Negative News Has A Harmful Effect On Your Health

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by Conscious Reminder

The types and amounts of the different foods which people consume can affect not just their weight, but also their general health. One old saying says: We are what we eat.

In fact, food is the complicated mixture comprised of different energy sources, such as calories, then protein, which is responsible for healing wounds and making new tissues such as skin and muscle, and micronutrients, such as vitamins responsible for the supporting of different biochemical processes – when all these ingredients combine together, become what a person is.

However, there is actually more to the consumption than to the food as the mental well-being of people affects their health too.

When people have an unbalanced diet, several functions in their body are going to suffer different consequences. Taking great or small amounts of something may also lead to developing diseases. One crazy and unbelievable thing is that people’s bodies ingest what they see or hear.

This is called a visual diet. Hence, their diet will not only include their meals; it will also include their food for thoughts. A fundamental thing to having a successful mental or nutritional diet will be moderation and balance of the foods with good quality together with information that also has good quality.

When people ingest a lot of negative news, being only several minutes exposed to such news, they can feel stress, anxiety or also depression symptoms. According to one research, exposure to a video that consists of negative news and lasts 14 minutes may rapidly increase sadness and anxiety. One of the most significant things which the research revealed was that its participants felt greater anxiety which was related to personal problems.

So, experiencing sadness and anxiety when watching negative news or other things, is going to affect other aspects of people’s life and will carry on in people’s future too, beyond now. According to scientists, the impacts of exposure to negative news may last for several hours during the day. Also, it can magnify other problems which people may already have and face.

However, positive and inspiring media have opposite impacts of the negative ones. The researchers discovered that watching a four-minute video in which it is shown how people do good deeds, is going to induce love and gratitude, contrary to those videos which were more about inspiring admiration.

According to other researchers, watching a short video of about 7 minutes, in which a person is shown being appreciative and grateful by doing certain things in order to give back, importantly increased the participant’s willingness to volunteer, in comparison to some amusing videos.

One important thing to know is that this word – diet – doesn’t only refer to the foods we consume. It actually comes from a Greek meaning about “way of life” or how people live their lives.

With this, we will easily understand how “diet” actually has all-encompassing and more significant meaning, when it comes to everything that we can absorb, such as foods, images, stories, sounds, and how those things affect us.

Of course, no one is supposed to ignore some negative news completely. People would like to know what happens out there in this world, whether it is good or bad. They only need to remember and be conscious of every effect that they see.

They have to know that they will need to have their visual diet balanced – the one which nourishes their soul and still motivating them to take some action and even make the things better.

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