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The New Moon In February Will Have A Deep Impact On Your Relationships And Communication

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by Conscious Reminder

From the astrological point of view, our Moon represents our sense of nurture and our mother; however, the mysterious phases of the Moon served as common symbols from the start of time.

The movement of the Moon can control tides, while its cycles can ultimately influence the emotional state in people.

The truth is that energy is actually everything, so when the vibes feel off, we cannot force them, right? Well, this is where our Moon appears; the lunar phase of the Moon, together with its zodiac through which it travels, will determine those emotional vibes or overall feels.

When it comes to lunar phases, Mother Moon has a sacred rhythm, so using it correctly will be everything that our seeds or intentions need, in order to flourish.

Life just happens, and every one of us is a human being, so doing certain things consistently may be quite challenging.

But, this is the moment where the phase of a New Moon appears, so it is very significant to have our mind clear while we work with this specific phase. Why?

When there is a New Moon, the moon is entirely invisible, and that means that people were blessed with this clear state so that it will be the time for new beginnings.

It will be about new beginnings, clearing our mind and sitting with our own thoughts, gathering ideas, or planning ahead. We should set our intentions at the time of the lunar phase, as it is going to serve us as the cosmic kick start.

But, if we set our intentions at the time of the Aquarius New Moon, we are probably going to see the results at the time of the Aquarius Full Moon, happening in August 2019.

The Aquarius New Moon on the 4th of February, 2019.

The New Moon which is about to come falls in Aquarius and is going to happen on Monday, the 4th of February. We have to remember that it will be quite significant to plant our seeds, which means set our intentions, which go on a par with the themes of the sign we work with.

Aquarius energy is innovative, bright, rebellious, and even disconnected from reality. The air sign Aquarius revels in everything unconventional, community-oriented, and futuristic. It has unemotional and logical energy.

Taking in consideration Aquarius’ astrological aspects, this lunation’s energy is going to be quite magical, because it is going to sit next to the planet Mercury and make stable contact with the lucky planet Jupiter. This may inspire clear insight and optimism.

How is the New Moon going to affect relationships?

This is going to be an optimistic lunation, so if we have Aquarius ascendant, which is the sign that rises, or also a descendant, which is the ruler of our 7th house of partnership, the energy of the New Moon is going to come to help us, and our partner.

The conjunction of the New Moon to the planet Mercury in the sign of Aquarius, and its trine to the planet Jupiter could spark positive conversations between our partner and us.

For example, if we avoided talking on specific topics, this can be an excellent period to talk about them and open our heart. Nothing is going to be too weird and outlandish for this sign. Moreover, this will be the seasons of channeling our inner weirdo, which means that we should not think twice.

We already said that the results would come after six months or so, but the New Moon’s energetic effects may typically last for one month. We have to make sure to set our intentions during the initial two weeks or so of this lunar phase.

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