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Chiron Goes Retrograde In Aries Joining 4 Other Planets For A Retrograde Season

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by Conscious Reminder

4 heavenly bodies are already in retrograde so imagine the effect that Chiron will bring along with that.

Chiron retrograde will be amping up the energies around us and on top of that, since this retrograde will be happening in Aries, it will become a lot more fun too.

Chiron is also called the wounded healer because it gives us the time to go through certain lessons. Pairing that energy with Aries will make this power become almost extra-dimensional.

Aries is full of ambition and manifests energies during this time of the day. There are ample opportunities to harness this energy and utilize it to help in the evolution of our whole being.

July 8th is when Chiron retrograde starts and it will move backward, seemingly, of course. It will help you to understand and learn that you might be doing a few things wrong.

The retrograde will continue till 12th December, and hence, give you enough time to work on your mistakes.

However, it might be easy at first, to be enveloped by this energy. Also, since it is staying there for such a long time, you will not find it hard to adapt too.

The dates Chiron goes retrograde and direct on are the ones when we need to pay most attention to what this powerful celestial body has to teach us.

Its effects are strongest and most dominant at the end and the beginning of its retrograde journey.

But you have to attend to everything, especially when Chiron goes direct.

You have to look back and understand what you learned during this retrograde. Be attentive.

Look inside. What are the signs that the cosmos is giving to you? What are the signals that it is sending? Learn to accept and understand these smalls signs – be one with it.

If you are feeling lost, speak with a spiritual healer or a tarot deck. Focus on the small things and the retrograde will be truly something transforming for you.

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