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This Is The Kind Of Guy You Should Wait For

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You should wait for a guy who does things like touching your shoulder, holding your hand, and caressing your hair. 

More importantly, he should genuinely want to do these things, not only because you want him to.

Wait for a guy who will reach for you at night instead of the blankets on the bed.  Wait for someone who is willing to get up earlier quietly in order to get ready, leaving you to enjoy extra time of sleep.

As a matter of fact, he should have even prepared you a breakfast so that you can enjoy it together once you wake up and he gets ready.

Wait for someone who has always something fun and wise to say, but spending time with them without talking at all is as enjoyable and fun.

Wait for someone who manages to boost your confidence when you desperately need it, and for someone who will always be able to see things from your viewpoint, even if he doesn’t agree with it or understands it.

Wait for a guy who will do anything to make you smile, even if you are feeling so down that smiling is the last thing to do. Wait for a guy who is happy and successful but it also capable of boosting your happiness and success at the same time.

Choose the one who is willing to spend more time with you as well as with the people you care about, whether it is your friends of family.  Who will put in the effort with them, being aware of their importance to you.  The one who is happy and proud to introduce you to their friends and family, too.

Wait for a man who is constantly reminding you how beautiful you are, and who seems to genuinely mean it. Wait for a man who kisses you like it is the first time and keeps his promises no matter what.

Wait for the one who is willing to do things that make you happy and who surprises you when you least expect it. Wait for that someone who will help you with anything you need and with anything that will make you more successful or content.

Wait for the one who will write you letters, notes, and even poetry. Wait for the guy whose smile is enough to make you smile too.  Who takes his job very seriously, yet manages to make you a number one priority.

Wait for the guy who you cannot prevent yourself from waiting for!

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