Different Kinds Of Time & Space Displacement

There are different kinds of loss of memory experiences, or different circumstances in which people report an anomalous displacement not only in time but also in their spatial location, without any memory of what happened.

Most people are very concerned afterwards. Usually they don’t talk about it, or only to a close friend or family member, out of fear of ridicule or being called crazy.

Let’s have a look at the different kinds of time/space displacements. I have grouped them in a couple of categories, but some of them overlap. These are of course my own categories in an effort to get an overview of the phenomenon.

1. Missing Memory of Time Passage Only

The person experiences loss of passage of time but still finds himself in the same position in space. The person immediately knows that there is a time discrepancy, but it can also happen that the person did not notice this until he checked a clock and sees that it is much later than it should be.

Usually a time displacement only happens to one person, but I found a several cases where it happened to two people at once, and even one case where an entire group of people was involved.

As I mentioned before my own experience turned out not to be unique. A person lies down on his bed in the evening, blinks, and it is morning. There is no sense of the passing of time, and no memory of anything that happened between the two points of time. There is also no change in the position of the body. That by itself is already anomalous, because the body changes its position many times during sleep. Staying in the same position for 6 or 8 hours would also result in bodily aches and pains, which are absent.

Even more intriguing are the cases in which a person is standing. Time passed unnoticed and the person is still standing in the exact same position. Again, this would be impossible when hours went by. This would create pains and aches in the body. This experience can happen when the person is in the middle of ordinary chores, like washing the dishes.

2. Missing Memory of Time Passage and Spatial Displacement

In these cases, there is not only a loss of memory of the passage of time, but the person suddenly finds himself at a different location. This can be just a feet away, but also many miles away in a totally different area. The person has no idea how he ended up there. Remember we are talking only about normal, healthy people.

In most of these cases, only one person is involved. When two people experience a time and or space displacement, it not only adds validity to the experience, but it also gives rise to more concern. This usually happens driving a car.

The time-lapse with space displacement is in general a couple of hours. There are many reports of people (also children) who went missing for several days and were later found in good health, but they did not remember anything of the missing time period. David Paulides researched a lot of these cases in his Missing 411 books. He found a lot of strange phenomena associated with these cases.

3. The Circumstances

Noticed Immediately Noticed: Sometimes the person did not notice that something unusual happened for which they have no memory. This means that the daily activities went on smoothly as usual, but that at a certain time point their activity stopped and at the second point in time, they resumed as if there had been nothing in between these two points in time. Only when he looks at a clock, he notices that many hours are unaccounted for.

While Walking: A person is walking down the street and finds himself suddenly at another location at a later time. Usually the change is abrupt, but sometimes he experiences strange perceptions of his environment

While Driving or Biking: The same can happen while driving a car or riding a bike. How is it possible for a driving or biking person to find themselves somewhere else without memory and still having control over the vehicle?

There are basically three scenarios while a person is walking, driving or biking. He finds himself suddenly much further down the road; he finds himself suddenly at a totally different location in the same town/city; he finds himself many miles back on the same road. In the first two instances he usually finds that he has traversed that distance in an impossible short time.

Guidance: It is rare, but in some cases there is a clear spiritual guidance of some sort to help the person when he becomes aware of his new situation and is freaked out. It seems that the intelligence responsible for the TDD is concerned and does not want the person to have any accident or to be too distressed.

Cloths: in some cases, when people ‘wake up’ from their memory lapse, they find themselves without cloths, partially clothed, or even naked. In the 411 Missing cases it is a regular feature that the missing person’s clothing (when they found the person) had been messed with, and often the shoes are found nearby or not at all.

Missing Items: some people when ‘waking up’ from their memory lapse do not have the object they had in hand anymore, and they cannot find it anymore. It disappeared completely.

Missing from the space they never left: There are cases in which the person, during the short period of his memory loss, is actually missing from the place where he should have been, as other people had come by that place and he was not there. The person himself is convinced that he stayed at that one location. Usually these short periods last up to a couple of hours.

Trance: in some instances, people have lost memory while walking, biking or driving, and when they became aware again they are engaged into this activity. It is quite something to have a loss of consciousness while driving, safely and in traffic, and to be still driving when coming out of it. This suggests that people are put into a trance state by which their body and bodily activity is taking over.

Other: I found two or three experiences in which there we first a bright flash of light; and one experience in which there was a violent spin of air around the car.

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