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Chiron Enters Aries, February 18th: The Wounded Healer Brings Up Personal & Health Problems

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by Conscious Reminder

February 2019 is marked by Chiron’s entrance into Aries. Chiron enters Aries on February 18th, after spending over seven years in the sign of Pisces, and will stay there until 2027.

It’s a cycle in which we will be improving our confidence, including body image. These are sensitive topics that can have a big effect on us. Personal and health problems that were hindering our progress are about to be revised and resolved.

We’ll be learning to assert ourselves and focus on our needs in healthy doses without feeling guilty in the process. This transit emphasizes the concept that healing begins within oneself.

Chiron returned to Pisces from September 25, 2018, to February 18, 2019, and now transits Aries until 2026/7. The year 2019 features Uranus moving out of Aries and Chiron’s move into the sign!

This transit of Chiron is unusually long, with the comet spending 8 years in Aries. That’s even longer than a Uranus transit. For comparison, when Chiron transits Libra, it takes it less than 2 years which is less than a Saturn transit.

Honestly, there are many issues that require resolving which is why Chiron spends so much time in Aries. Aries is connected to our identity. Chiron is popularly known as the wounded healer. When transiting Aries, Chiron’s goal is to heal the deepest wound of them all: our personal identity wound.

What does it mean for you? Chiron leaves a part of your chart and moves into an area you haven’t really explored into depth, or haven’t even touched at all. Chiron transiting Aries will point to the area you need to heal so that you integrate all your parts and become whole again.

Another important energy to work with is Venus’ journey through Capricorn. In February, Venus will make conjunctions with Saturn, Pluto and the South Node – all in Capricorn.

While Aries’s motto is “I am because I am”, because as a sign is strongly connected to our individuality, Capricorn is our connection with the collective and it’s guided by the motto “I become who I’m meant to become”.

Venus in Capricorn says “I’ve tried my best”, while Chiron moving through Aries reveals that we have more work to do.

This work has nothing to do with what the world wants from you. It has to do with healing your sense of identity.

You are exactly who you were meant to be. You are at the right place. Your existence is no accident. You are here for a reason.

In February, Chiron in Aries will ask you to focus on YOU while slowly shedding off layers and layers of social conditioning (Venus in Capricorn).

While the first half of the month is less eventful, things start to precipitate around February 18th, when Chiron enters Aries, while Venus, half-way through her journey in Capricorn conjoins Venus, and Sun enters Pisces, opening up new avenues of awareness and understanding.

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