Virgo Full Moon On 19 February: Smells Like Freedom

by Conscious Reminder

The Full Moon will occur on February 19th this year. It is an exciting one and brings adventure into our lives. The Full Moon comes in conjunct with the bold Regulus and the free Uranus and Mars conjunction.

It is a time for change – for romance and exploring oneself. The Full Moon has a lot of promises and it follows through from the New Moon that happened on February 4th. So, what is it that awaits you?

The Full Moon Alignment

The Full Moon will occur at 00°42′ in Virgo Sign which will be in conjunct with the Regulus, the fixed star in the Heart of the Lion, Leo constellations. It will also trine a Mars and Uranus conjunction. All in all, it can be the beginning of some exciting opportunities.

Conjunction with Regulus – Implications

The Full Moon will come in conjunct with the fixed star Regulus at 00°05′ Virgo Sign. This means that you will be infused with new courage and ambition. The alignment is indicative of power and strength. The Fixed Star Regulus is the star of presidents and generals, famous athletes, and people from the royalty.

As a result, it brings a lot of traits that are present in famous people – their lives or their struggle – generosity, competitiveness, open-mindedness and aggression regarding their goals. However, due to this kind of audacity, Regulus can also bring a bit of jealousy and envy in your heart.

Your fame and success will make others jealous and you are going to make many enemies. After all, in the past, a king had to be assassinated to be replaced. Now, though times have changed, people in high positions are still attacked. Donald Trump has Mars conjunct Regulus and Ascendant which will make him aggressive during this time.

When the Moon comes in conjunct with Regulus, it will also bring in powerful friends whose influence will be essential to keep your position. Occult feelings will be rising too. But do not trust the benefits from friends yet.

Since Regulus brings in a lot of enemies, it is possible that you will develop many false friends too. Sickness and trouble will be a part of you during this period. However, on the plus side, if you are a woman, you will find a sudden surge of independence which will rule you during this period.

The Leo Constellation is generally indicative of major events like death or ascension in a royal position or the papal position. As a result, it can be associated with modern events happening in areas like the stock exchange, rebellion, the Vatican, uprisings or the recent issue with the European Union.

The precession of the equinoxes is indicative of the reason why the Full Moon of February 2019 is in the Virgo sign but in Leo Constellation. It’s because the planets and the stars play a major role in your life.

Alignments During The Full Moon

There are three main alignments that are going to take place during the Full Moon:

Mars will conjunct Uranus

This alignment makes you want to be free from any constraints that are holding you back. However, it is very erratic and may make you a bit impulsive. Fortunately, the Sun and the Moon will come into a harmonious position which will result in the lowering of any kind of reckless behavior.

So, you can take some risks and yet be reasonable. But trust your gut during this period. You will explore a different side of you, full of passion and adventure. Explore a new kinky self in bed. Experiment with your sexuality and turn the passion up a notch.

All these are ways of finding personal liberation and breaking free of limiting factors, just like this alignment wants. Your energy and adrenaline are also well-suited for starting a new project or initiative, as long as the energy lasts.

Mercury will conjunct Neptune

Mercury will conjunct Neptune during this period and it brings fear, scandal, and confusion. But it will also sextile Venus and Saturn which results in the development of creative imagination and romance.

Venus will conjunct Saturn

Venus will conjunct Saturn and it might bring in loneliness and depression. But since it will sextile Mercury and Neptune, there is a hint of finding your true love or recovering the strength to commit to your goal.

So, the planets bring healing and compassion to you. The Full Moon can also make you one with your psychic-self and heighten your spiritual activities.


The Regulus and the conjunction of Mars and Uranus bring out the rebel in you but it can cause a bit of irritation too. They are lusty and high-spirited, so you can use their energy to bring in some adventure in your life.

However, the conjunction of Mercury with Neptune and the conjunction of Venus with Saturn will be a bit negative on your mental states, though their sextile comes to the rescue.

So, while there will be a bit of conflict in your life during these periods, they will mostly be alleviated and in the end, the Full Moon will turn out to be largely positive. It brings a lot of exciting opportunities.

Even if it does confound you a bit, it will also bring back your faith in the Cosmos when it comes to help you. So, have a happy Full Moon.

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