Recognize And Protect Yourself From The Emotional Draculas In Your Life

by Conscious Reminder

There are certain people who have a ‘special’ ability to drain our energy even after a slight interaction. We all have some kind of energy present within us. We release this energy to the world outside whenever we interact with it.

However, in the modern world, we do not have much training about how to control our energy – how much to give away and how much to receive. As a result, sometimes, we might give away more than we receive – creating an imbalance within us.

This is the place where emotional vampires come into our life and suck up all the energy without giving much in return. One interaction with them will make you feel exhausted, low, and you will yawn a lot. A general feeling of spiritual fatigue will come upon you.

Who Is An Emotional Vampire?

Energy is precious and emotional vampires are hungry for it. As humans, we are always emitting energy. But the problem with emotional vampires is that they have this imbalance of energy present within them which causes them to be attracted to energies of different kinds.

However, they overcompensate and project their own lack of energy onto others, thereby tiring others as well. There are several kinds of emotional vampires present and it is quite probable that you might be one of them or you might be one of the victims who is being affected by an emotional Dracula:-

Blackmail Dracula

The purpose of this kind of emotional vampire is to bother everyone about something. They would make others feel guilty by questioning their intentions and asking them why they did something. They make people go on a guilt trip. The best way to deal with this is by questioning them back – that will surely confuse them!

Hypercritical Dracula

They are always critical about everything. They would criticize you for something or the other. They would like to slander others and make you feel like the victim. The best way to deal with them is to say ‘No’ to their criticism.

The Flattering Dracula

They are great with their flattery. They would flatter you and make you feel like you are on top of the world. That is only their way to make you more vulnerable so that they can consume your aura.

The Chronic-Complainer Dracula

They are always going to complain. Everything and everyone has a problem with them. It’s better to let them be. Trying to win against constant complainers is just useless.

How To Be Able To Tackle Emotional Dracula Syndrome

An emotional Dracula can be present anywhere and we need to identify the way to prevent them from affecting us. The best way to do so is by setting up healthy communication.

One of the reasons why we fail to have healthy communication is due to the energy imbalance that is already present within all of us. The energy imbalance can be tackled, but it is growing worse, especially in urban areas. There are several reasons for it.

We have made ‘food’ our only source of energy. We are slowly disconnecting ourselves from the spiritual world. We are no longer going to waterfalls or taking a sea bath to replenish our energy.

Then, there is a lack of sleep. Sleep is essential for us to replenish our energy but we are sleeping less and less every day. This is affecting our energy levels and making us more exhausted.

As a result, more and more emotional Dracula’s are being created. They just know of one place from which they can get the required energy i.e. from another human source! So, they end up sucking all your energy levels when the time comes.

On top of everything, we have lost all forms of friendliness and have replaced it with competitiveness in the workplace making communication more and more difficult.

According to common knowledge, an energy vampire is someone who has an energy imbalance, is frustrated, insecure, and suffers from a victim complex.

They are emotional and a bit selfish and so they rob energy from other people. Doesn’t it sound much like a modern, urban human? That’s what the modern world has brought to us.

Maybe it’s time that we come in tune with our spiritual side to actually tackle this issue. One of the best ways to do it is by resorting to humor – the best defense against all kinds of negativity. Be careful!

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