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Your Virgo Supermoon Horoscope Is Bringing Some Pretty Awesome News

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by Conscious Reminder

After all those diverse energies we felt during the month of January, February is going to bring us calming vibes and grounding, thanks to the planet of love Venus entering the earth sign of Capricorn.

Mars is also shifting into the sensual sign of Taurus with the Full Moon rising in the practical sign of Virgo.

This Full Moon is going to offer you the energy you need to clean up your act. During this Full Moon, clearing your living and works spaces, and your body will be essential. When your home or office is cluttered, your mind will be cluttered too.

The cosmic energy will not only push you to care for your physical body and possessions more, but it is also going to encourage you to employ healthy relationships and the community’s power. The Full Moon is going to challenge you to look at your own stuff – your wounds, pasts, mistakes, and hopes.

Here is the horoscope for the Full Moon in Virgo:


The mission of the people born under this sign would be to be more focused when it comes to the person or the thing they give their energies to. They should invest in those that also invest in them without trying to make everybody happy. They are the superstar of this show, so they have to prioritize what is essential for them in order to be motivated.


The star of Aries people keeps rising, and the cosmos helps them with accomplishing their goals. This means they can receive a leg up on the competition. It will also be the time to get rid of lopsided friendships, and they should remember not to ignore any fact.


For these people, it will be the time for exploring new horizons or traveling, so educational pursuits may help lead them to places which are going to enrich their soul and mind. Some of them can also find love or start fresh with their career. They should let their fulfillment to guide them, as they are unstoppable too.


For the people born under Gemini, love connections may become deeper. They can also be finally prepared to admit their feelings for someone. There is a possibility of finances improvement. Their career will take off, but they should nourish their soul.


For people that have this sign, new relationships may be on their way, making them realize and feel that they move in the appropriate direction. They should be courageous and start opening themselves to new opportunities. They can even use their powerful intuition, without ignoring the convenience’s facts.


These people are going to be encouraged to collaborate with friends who may match their talent so that teamwork will be their dream work. They could even meet a new person, while those in a relationship could start the new chapter together with their partner.


These people are going to increase their romantic matches’ number importantly. When they look good or feel well-nourished and rested, they are at their most attractive. They should also be careful of imbalanced relationships.


The people born under the sign of Libra will be encouraged to pay better attention to their family life and home. This probably means spending some more time with family and at home. Their love life will get a new beginning. They should watch their well-being and cash.


Scorpio people will have the chance to feel more social than before, while opportunities and love can wait for them. This will be another chance to put their ideas and talents on display. Some relationship boundaries could be needed too.


People in this sign will get an enormous boost in their finances, coming from their new job and even from finally admitting how amazing they are. They should expect cosmic inspiration or homework when it comes to releasing their old ways of thinking. They have to take better care of their bodies too.


The people born under the sign of Capricorn will be the hottest ones because the cosmos gave them extra allure and charm. If they are dating and single, they should expect their admirers to beat down their door. They and their words are also magnetic, so they should work their magic just like a pro. They should try dreaming more too.


During February, Aquarius people may find themselves working on some things behind the scenes, but they will enjoy their solitude. They should search for ways of feeding themselves at their soul level. Home renovation or relocation project can also be fulfilling.

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