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From Most Confident To Most Insecure: See Where Your Zodiac Ranks

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by Conscious Reminder

Confident individuals usually inspire and motivate other people to be confident; their peers, audience, their friends, their bosses, and also their family.

No one of us was born with a huge self-confidence; however, some of us are quite more fortunate and lucky than others are. This can all depend on our sign of the Zodiac, as there are signs that exude confidence, while there are others that are timid and shy.

Here are the twelve Zodiac signs, ranked from the most confident one to the most insecure one:


People in the sign of Leo exude confidence, believing that there is no one above them, they are the best. Their way was said to be always right, so when we talk down to those people or don’t respect them somehow, they will leave. They actually know what they really deserve, so, they are not going to settle for something else.


Although the people born under this sign realize their faults and mistakes, they would love how they look. They will also love their life and personality which they created just for themselves. So, they feel satisfied with the one they became. They only have several bad habits which they would like to change.


Those people who are born under the sign of Capricorn are aware of their self-worth. So, they will never permit someone else to disappoint put them in a bad mood, as they are aware of their intelligence, talent, and kindheartedness. So, they don’t have to care about other people’s opinions.


Sagittarius people are strong enough when it comes to taking criticism of their heart, without making it more personally. So, they will never let other people’s insults to stress them or keep them constantly down. They believe that an insult is the reflection of other people’s characters instead of their flaws. 


People born under Pisces are marked with excellent confidence around others; however, they can sometimes feel insecure when left all alone, or when they look in the mirror and pick apart the appearance. So, when they are alone, they permit their imaginations to run wild. They are also self-conscious, when in solitude.


People born under the sign of Aries are excellent when it comes to keeping up their appearances, which for outsiders looks like there is nothing that could hurt them. But, the truth is that these people are really sensitive. They simply do not let other people feel satisfied when they see them cry. Moreover, they prefer to compensate for using sarcasm or jokes when they feel upset. They wouldn’t like to show that they are weak, so this is the reason why they act just like they do not care about anything or anyone.


Those people born under this sign want to show the world their intelligence as that is more important for them than their looks do. In fact, they sometimes act smarter although they are not, with the use of some big words, or pretending that they know something more than they really do. They aim to show and prove themselves to this world.


Oftentimes, Libras wait for other people to give them approval, as it makes them to feel good with themselves. Also, they can sometimes tear down to be complemented by others. What they have to know is if others think that they are attractive and beautiful. They have to be sure of this.


These people are the chameleon in the Zodiac because they often change their way of acting, which depends on their company too. They want others to like and appreciate them, so they often tend to lie, with the aim to meet more appealing or relatable.


People born under the sign of Cancer care a lot about other people’s opinions. In fact, they care about everything generally. Sometimes, they can overreact to something small, and you can hurt them easily. Cancers can usually be more hurt and stressed than others normally are.


Aquarians, try the hardest in order to make their life much more comfortable. They tell some stories, take pictures, or do everything else that they are able to, so they can make others believe that they lead a perfect life. However, the reality is usually different. Usually, they don’t feel happy with their lives, so they have to try much harder.


These people are definitely afraid of looking stupid, so it is the reason for having public speaking or first dates, or any other type of human interaction. So, they can easily get embarrassed as their minds over-think everything. This even happens when things are happening appropriately – they try to find anything wrong with their actions. They always believe that they do something wrong.

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