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This Is How Your Zodiac Sign Will Deal With The Flower Full Moon This Week

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by Conscious Reminder

Spring’s energy is reaching its peak with the approaching Full Moon, on 7th May in Scorpio.

The May Moon is traditionally called the Flower Moon, but the vibe of the 2020 Moon ain’t too flowery. The fact that it will be in Scorpio gives us enough hint of how potent this May Full Moon will be.

This Full Moon will highlight our hidden desires, and secrets will surface to lead us off-course. Use the grounding energy of Taurus now.

Here’s how each zodiac is going to deal with the upcoming May Flower Moon:


Use the sensuality of Scorpio to let your relationship blossom. While your romantic relationship will grow more intimate, beware of friends. Not everyone needs to know your thoughts. The Flower Moon will help you focus on your finances and clear all debts.


You are willing to take risks to win over your love. And the Moon is here to help you! This luminary will also help you bond better with your closest friends, adding some excitement to the bond. Let your vulnerabilities show before your boss or a close colleague, and it will pay you well in the coming days.


The May Full Moon will highlight emotional issues, so work on them with your partner. When it comes to friendships, it’s time for some self-care now. Don’t worry, your friends will be fine with it. In the work front, avoid all drama, and focus on your responsibilities.


As the Moon rises in another Water sign, you’re prepared to dive deep into your emotions. As you seek new love, remember the virtue of honesty. Celebrate the potent Moon with your friends to further strengthen your bonds. Let your creative energy flow over in your workspace. Go ahead and suggest that creative bit you have in mind. People will love it!


The May Full Moon is going to be intense on all fronts for you, be it family or work. So, now is a good time to sit back and relax with your beloved. The same advice goes for your friends and family too. Everyone is feeling edgy with the lunar energy, so try not to blow things over. You might find yourself buried in work to avoid all the drama, but take a break and focus on self-care.


Your relationship might reach a difficult turn under this Full Moon. Work your way around it with honest communication. If friends are bringing your gossip, avoid it.  With the Full Moon, your projects are coming to an end. Relax before the next ones start piling up!


The Flower Moon is boosting your self-esteem, which will lead you to assert your needs in the relationship. When it comes to friendships, you know which ones are not working anymore. Focus your energy to strengthen the ones which make you feel loved. The Moon will show you where your true talent lies, so use its energy to advance your career.


The May Full Moon will remind you of your worth. Don’t let someone less abuse your love. And instead of focussing your energy on friends, channel it inwards. Try to find a purpose in your job. Express yourself in your work to truly feel fulfilled.


This luminary can reopen your wounds, so ask your partner for some space, and sensitivity. You will be susceptible to people’s energy under this Moon, so surround yourself with only supportive and loving friends. As you focus on spiritual endeavors now, you can infuse your projects with some spirituality.


The May Moon’s energy is reminding you of the value of friendship even in romantic relationships. Spend time with your SO and build that foundation first. Your friend circle is up for cleansing, and the ones who will stand the test will be there for you in the long run. The Moon will also help you find new ways to help humanity via your work.


This May Full Moon might highlight a misrepresentation of you, connecting you to rumors of your past. Honest communication will help you survive. You can rely on your friends now to advance your career. Get your networking skills moving! Your work has your full attention now, so use the Moon’s energy to reach new heights.


With the Moon in a fellow water sign, let your feelings guide you to new waters. You are ready for an authentic experience in love! Spice up your friendships by going for a virtual group hangout and try online experiences together. You are lost in your dreams, thinking about new ideas to propel your career. Don’t forget to jot down those ideas!

The May Full Moon is bringing some intense energy our way. Let Taurus ground you as you navigate your feelings.

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