A Heart-Melting Video Shows The Reunion Of A Man And His 53-Year-Old Son With Down Syndrome

by Conscious Reminder

There is nothing more powerful than the power of LOVE and this footage will prove you exactly that. 

It just melts my heart to see two beautiful souls reunited after spending only a week apart.

Malcolm Cobrink, 88, and Matt Cobrink, 53 who has Down Syndrome, are father and son who have never been separated in the last 25 years.

After Matt’s mother died, these two beautiful souls had each other as support and the love between them is just contagious – pure and unconditional.

Namely, Matt is a huge fun of the New York Yankees’  Aaron Judge and was flown from his home in Los Angeles, to see his favorite baseball player.

When he got back home, his father was waiting for Matt at the airport. Matt’s sister knew this is going to be an emotional moment worth to be recorded on camera, so she decided to take a video of the reunion.

I bet you have never seen anything more heart-melting. Enjoy the video below:

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