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The Emotional Depth Of Virgo Will Touch Our Lives During The Full Moon On February 19th

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by Conscious Reminder

On the 19th of February, the Pisces season is going to take place. Full Moon will be consuming all the energy of the Virgo. The Full Moon is the opposite of the Sun. It deals with our emotional side.

During the full moon, our sensitivities are affected. As the moon ebbs and flows, our own emotional markers will rise and fall with it. As a result, everything will feel a bit unstable during this period. You might be a bit moody and find it difficult to understand the changes in your emotions during this period.

As the Sun is in Pisces, you will be a bit more dreamy than usual during this phase. It is because the Pisces keeps your head in dreams and brings a bit of an artistic rush in your life. But then Virgo is practical – it is concerned with logic and analysis.

So, it will shatter whatever imaginative dreams you might have and bring everything back into focus. Now, all you need to do is become a bit practical and shape your dreams on realistic terms.

Shaping Your Dreams

While Virgo brings the stern hand of reality in your lives, it can’t completely take away your dreams.

Remember, dreams are a part of Pisces season and that will overpower the strong logic of Virgo. What Virgo will do is make you focused on your dreams and help you reach the highest good. Mercury will also come in conjunct with Neptune.

Mercury is the planet known for thoughts and cognition, while Neptune brings illusions and dreams. Now, dreaming is fine, but it should not be to the extent of an illusion.

That’s why Virgo comes in to chisel out the lies from your dreams and shape it into a form which can be realistically achievable.

The energy of Neptune can bring a bit of irrationality in your life since it makes you believe in things which are not essentially true. To make sure that it doesn’t affect you, work on your spiritual side, meditate, and you will see that your head is getting clearer.

Declutter your life

Along with being logical, Virgo is quite organized. They can get a bit messy sometimes, but even among that mess, there is a kind of method.

With the Full Moon in Virgo, your emotions will have more meaning – if you found it cluttered and difficult to place, then the energy of Virgo will make you more able to regulate and decipher it.

It is almost like cleaning your house. Just like there are several ways of cleaning your house, there are several ways in which you can declutter your emotions. For example, write a journal or have a conversation with someone close.

Take it all out. The instinctual Mars will be in conjunct with the change-bringing Uranus. You will feel like you should have a major transformation during this phase and you have the power to do so. You are capable of it.


This season will be a great season for your health. Pisces is always looking after your spiritual health while Virgo wants to keep your material health intact. The result: you will be more in tune with healthy activities to keep your mind and soul toxin-free.

Since the Full Moon is on the sixth house which is related to well-being and work, taking care of your body will come naturally to you.

You will make choices like keeping away from unhealthy food and concentrate on nutrition and a better regimen for your physical well-being. However, the Full Moon in Virgo can cause self-esteem issues.

Virgo strives for some kind of perfection and we will always fall short of it. The Planet of Love, Venus, will come in conjunct with the disciplining Saturn and this will make you feel even worse. Don’t feel worse– try to be better and move forward and remember that perfection is a lie.

During this season, try to take care of yourself and live life in the best way you can. Dream and shape it into reality. Because you can do it if you really want to!

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