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How To Move Forward When Your Soulmate Passes Away

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by Conscious Reminder

One of the hardest things we have to face and accept is that lives fleet and that the ones that we hold really close to our heart are not going to be around us forever.

The passing away of a soulmate is definitely the most difficult time of the life of anyone. The way to overcome this is not easy. In fact, it is the situation which everyone has sometimes experienced, however.

However, we can follow other people’s wisdom and benefit from it, in order to help us through these hard times.

Losing a soulmate.

In fact, when we lose our soulmate, we will feel flooded with grief very quickly. From one person to another, grief manifests itself in a different way, and it is unique to one person as his or her soul is.

We cannot control the way of expressing our grief. Our experience will be the dictator of how we are going to react, so we have to be permitted to experience the grief.

At the beginning of losing our soulmate, our soul will experience soul shock. Such soul shock will feel like the greatest possible heartbreak, almost like something physically, such as heart attack.

To start recovering from this, we will need some time in order to adjust, feeling the support and the love of all those people close to us and around us. However, when this is impossible, we should make grief counseling our priority.

How to keep moving forward without our soulmate?

When the primary grief disappears, it will be the time for moving forward. We can sometimes find it hard to swallow this idea of keep moving forward. After all, when we lose our soulmate, we usually ask ourselves what the real point of moving forward is.

However, the relationship we had with the soulmate will not be over but is changed only. The physical body of our soulmate died; however, their soul is still here.

Their soul still exists, and it is connected with our soul, just like it was before. In some quiet contemplation moments, we are going to feel the connection stronger than ever before.

But, we also have to accept the fact that the life of our soulmate as we knew it had been ended. Our connection will remain as our source of reassurance and love; however, we can’t limit ourselves only to this one source.

Those who cease to live their lives and all those lessons we can learn from losses are that above everything, life is something precious.

Love again without feeling guilty.

This can take some time, so we are supposed to take the entire time we will need, but, after that, we are going to be prepared to search for new love once again.

We will know when we will be prepared to do so. Our Universe will also know it, so there is the possibility that it is going to present us with someone else to share our life and love with.

It will be our own decision if we would like to be in that relationship or not, and we are not supposed to sacrifice our spiritual health and happiness because of unnecessary guilt.

All we need in life is love. Moreover, this world also needs all the love that we have within us to give, regardless of our decision to find new love once again or express love through helping other people or healing.

One important thing for us and our world would be that our soulmate’s passing doesn’t take love from the life we live for permanently.

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