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Do You Feel Like A New Person? The Virgo Full Moon Will Definitely Make You Feel The Shift

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

The Virgo Full Moon is starting to make its mark on all of us. It might feel like a revolutionary growth for you. The chrysalis that has enclosed you away from the world is slowly opening and you can see the light coming in.

Yes, the opening is small, but it’s slowly expanding and it feels a lot like an awakening. You are a bit afraid of what it might turn out to be, but you are ready.

Slowly, you know that you can spread your wings and let the wind carry you to the sweetest flowers that are present all around. It’s like a dream finally coming true.


The Virgo Full Moon brings awakening but in a conflux of different emotions. After all, we are no longer the same person as we were before and that is affecting all of us, especially our emotions. It’s all so new.

The Moon is going to go in the first degree of the sign Virgo. This is a time for analysis and finding out how much improvement you can put in yourself or setting your boundaries where necessary. The Full moon is known for bringing a bit of conflict in your emotions but Virgo is present to help you deal with it.

It offers the necessary logic to make you discern and perceive your emotions in a more objective manner. Now you can ask, what are we going to do about it? You will ask it from others and not take offence easily either.

Answers Seem Nowhere

The questions are there, but the answers may be a bit elusive. This is because, the answers might be within us but we are unable to find it. Mercury is in the dreamy Pisces which keeps us in an unreal state. But that is not the only power that’s controlling us.

Neptune is there too. Mercury moves to Neptune and Neptune as of now, is the planet of illusion. So, our answers may neither come from the brain nor the heart, but somewhere entirely different. The fog that Neptune brings is because of the constant contribution of Jupiter since January.

It makes us a bit nostalgic and sentimental over every small thing and the deception becomes a major part of all us. However, Virgo may bring a bit of understanding about the events taking place since January.

A Bit Of Logic

The Virgo moon brings us back to our real life. You will find that your perspective is different from what it was before. Of course, the sadness that we once had will still remain, but we are now able to tackle it. They are no longer controlling who we are.

Chiron will be moving from Pisces as well. Chiron brings up our wounds and helps us tackle it. It had made its nine-year journey through Pisces and this has pushed a lot of us to exhaustion as we feel the wounds coming back to us.

It won’t go back to Pisces for decades. That’s why we are moving towards the light. The fog may not be clearing but we are moving away from it.

The Virgo moon is infusing with the power of Mars, the planet that rules our actions. Mars itself has left Aries and is moving towards the grounded Taurus. Taurus is slow but it is reliable. It makes us sure-footed, which is a necessity in all this fog.

A Twist

However, there is a twist in the tale as the end of August comes in. Mars is looking forward to connecting with Saturn and the Sun, which will contain our impulse in life. Plus, it is crossing a degree that was held by Uranus.

This is a major breakthrough for Uranus and needs a bit of processing. The Moon energy will help during this phase. Whatever you had thought was going to happen during last summer will slowly come into being.

You know that there is room for more improvement. This is the time for quality testing and analyses. If you trust in Mars, it is bringing a lot of remedies for you.

It will be a challenging time for you, but be wary. Improvement is on your way. So, don’t let it slip away.

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