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2019 Brings Along Major Energy Shifts And We’ll Need To Be Ready

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

The year is coming to an end fast. You are probably feeling the speed at which it is ending, the energies that are building up for the coming year. The universe is changing – as the planets move and come to different places, there will be a lot of tension in our lives.

It’s all right. You just have to push yourself and let your wings take flight. There is a great journey that lies ahead and a bit of stress is expected. Just don’t let it conquer you.

A new time for learning

You will have a keen awareness of your emotions from the period between now and the early days of 2019. You will slowly be able to disconnect from your own stream of thoughts and the herd-based thoughts fed to you and find your individuality within yourself. But all these will happen really fast – so you have to be prepared for it.

A new phase of learning and knowledge will be appearing in your life. While no one is prepared for such a sudden phase of learning, we have to keep an open mind to the new things coming our way. We are stepping into a new year with new planetary alignments and new energies – some of us are already feeling it and preparing ourselves for it.

Being in the now

Astromark observes that there will be big changes waiting for us. 2017 begun the energy changes that will culminate to a specific planetary alignment scheduled in 2020. 2019 is close – the energy will be in turmoil as it nears the planetary alignment. How will it affect you? It will radically transform your life.

The planet, Jupiter will strengthen your beliefs – make you capable of taking risks towards your dreams. Uranus will get you into new ways of living your life. There have been some minor energy shifts that had happened before and will happen in 2019 too – preparing us for the major alignment in 2020. Such constant interaction with minor energy forces will be tiring – some of us will be sleeping early.

Fortunately, as 2019 begins, it will be a time for healing – a time that will put us in our best moods so that we could take on whatever the year will be throwing at us. This new year will bring life to us and make it pass in front of us. What are you going to do? Don’t sit on the sidelines and watch life race past you – jump into it and ride with it. Don’t feel like the expectations you have will break – just work on yourself and work on life. You can still do great.

Connecting with yourself

About this week and the coming weeks, World Healing Academy has special advice – connect with your inner self. You will be feeling attracted to nature. You will pass time meditating and observing solitude – a oneness with nature. It’s your heart’s calling. You are healing. Let it happen.

The energy shifts are likely to make you confused. It’s too much in such a short period of time – and you do not want to surrender to it that easily. Trust your intuition. Your intuition speaks directly for your soul and is more connected with the energy around you. Let the energies sweep you off your feet.

It will all make sense. Your ego will be fading away in 2019. Start questioning – start challenging your consciousness.  The year is bringing a lot of new things – it’s the best time to stay prepared, keep an open mind and accept whatever it brings to us.

Life is calling to you – so is your heart. Be in the present – take life as it comes. In this period, you have to be more aware of what you want and apply yourself to it. Don’t resist the energy changes, let it come and be infused within you. Energy shifts are troubling – but this one is going to be easy if you can get it right.

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