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Grounding & Earthing: Let Mother Earth Heal Your Body And Soul

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by Conscious Reminder

Mother Earth has a lot of healing benefits that are meant for every one of us. A lot of people spend every day inside of buildings, at their workplace, or in their houses, and also in their cars.

Usually, they don’t spend much time outside in nature, although it can be as simple as taking a lunch break or going to the nearest park, in order to take a look around them and see the beauty provided to them by nature.

We should seriously think about the time we spend outside in nature, as most of us rarely manage to touch the grass, a tree, or also the earth. 

The earth has similarities with a battery because it consists of natural energy, and electrons, which may charge our body with simply putting our feet in the ground. However, when it is cold, we cannot do that as our feet will freeze.

Scientists discovered that the lack of earthing or grounding has an enormous effect on people’s health. Other researches show the impressive and unbelievable benefits the electromagnetic surface of the earth has on people’s bodies, particularly through the barefoot grounding connections with earth.

We may not have the ability to notice it, but our body is actually a highly conductive electrical machine. We are humans and spirits, but our bodies are machines.

Those machines need maintenance in order to work in the proper way and at the optimum levels. When we don’t understand this, it may cause serious physical and mental health problems.

So, when we are grounded, we will feel: solid, centered, strong, less tense, balanced, less stressed and peaceful. Our bodies are electrical. Every single thing within us operates within electrical systems which are designed by our Great Creator.

Every living thing on the planet is connected with the electric energy of the ground. Throughout history, many cultures in the word practiced sleeping on the ground. Nowadays, it is not the case.

We are also surrounded by new technologies which cause some electrical imbalances in our systems. So, we are also full of contaminants in our bodies, and we isolate ourselves from the greatest health benefit available, the earth.

The reality is that we are disconnected and ungrounded. We aren’t in contact with our Mother Earth. We have to understand that this modern world is against nature. When we finally realize that, we will want to connect with Mother Earth once again. Then, this will be part of our spiritual journey.

In fact, when we realize that we have lost our electric root, we are going to be surprised. This world is about latest technologies which increase the number of health problems every day.

When we get back to our Mother Earth, we are going to find some improvements in stress levels, inflammation, heart problems, or a lot of chronic illnesses. Everything cannot be healed for sure, but we are going to see fascinating changes in our mental, spiritual, and physical self.

A lot of people don’t find the time to go outside barefoot. That’s why there are some indoor options too. There are grounding products in which we can invest, and which can also be utilized while we sleep, relax or work.

Such products become more and more popular. They can be chairs, chair or floor mats, bed pads, earthing sheets, and body bands.

Such products may effectively deliver free electrons coming from the earth right to us. It will be like we stand on it barefoot. All we will have to do will be touch those objects with any body part.

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