Abandoning Yourself Practically Kills Your Vibe

by Conscious Reminder

Every object in the universe has a definite frequency of vibration. This is like a spectral fingerprint of the object, and one can identify the object with just its frequency.

Our human bodies too are like that. The frequency we have, however is more often than not lower than our surrounding universe’s. This means there is no resonance with the universe; instead there is friction, chaos and violence.

This causes disturbances in your aura and makes your life awry. This includes relationships especially because love is one of the primary realms of spiritual energy fields.

The friction in this case, causes two things: one, it makes you an emotionally vulnerable person, making you susceptible to feelings that are not in any case savoury and two, they make you not like yourself anymore.

Let’s get something straight first: loving one’s own self is one of the most divine things ever. It is like worshipping the part of god manifest within you.

When you abandon yourself, you cause further damage to the effectiveness of your frequency, thereby lowering it, further.

This causes four things:

1. You let others decide 

You end up a puppet in the hands of toxic spouses and dates. Your love life ceases to give you any pleasure; instead, you keep going on in circles of bad dates followed by toxic relationships and heartbreaks.

2. You give up on love

Love is not only inexplicable, but it is also one of the only truly religious things we can do. It is a bond that God creates. There is no way one should give up on such a pure thing simply because of some bad, toxic relationships.

3. You bottle up

Feelings, love and emotions. And you end up on a high road towards depression, further sinking into the murk you want to be out of.

4. You judge yourself

And in the process, end up punishing the god inside you. It is the ultimate sacrilege.

The only way to stop this violence and madness, is to replace the self-abandonment with self-love.

That is how you smooth out the hurt done to your frequency and take a step towards achieving resonance with the universe.

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