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There Might Be A Deeper Spiritual Meanings Behind Physical Aches & Pains

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

As a lot of people accepted, every single thing happens from some specific reason. When people randomly feel pain or sickness they haven’t expected, the main reason would go beyond medical diagnoses.

Usually, such pains will indicate more complex and spiritual problems. That’s why we will present you the guide for every pain that can signify a spiritual problem.


When you start losing your hair, it means that you start losing your self-image. Usually, because of traumatic experiences or some stressful times, hair-loss will be the symbol of losing your previous self.


Your scalp is the highest living body part, and it signifies your connection with your higher self. Itch, skin-distress, dandruff, and a lot more, all indicate one complex philosophical issue which may also include spirituality, divine connection or religion.


Touch is definitely an intimate kind of interpersonal contact. If your skin is touch-sensitive, for example, eczema, rash, boil, or something more serious, it will be a symbol of your sensitivity to the social interaction or conflict with your inner-self.

Brain or the nervous system

Headaches, migraines, spinal pain, or other issues can indicate ‘information overload.’ You cannot escape the information out there, so sometimes it will overload your brain. It will also let you know that it is under distress, as it will give you pain signals throughout your body.


Your core identity can be found deep in your bones. So, trauma or injury that influences your bones, particularly the skull, will be the sign which says that you were forced to make a change. When experiencing distress in the skull, it means that the innermost self of a person is actually at stake.


Your face is the mirror of your emotions, so if abnormality appears on your face, it will be a sign that your emotions were compromised.


Just like the overload of information, your ears will not respond quite good when they listen to something for too much. This can be a signal that you have a problem, such as an earache, ear infection, ringing ears, or so on.


Sometimes, you will see a certain thing, without admitting that when you retell that information. Your eyes usually respond to the “lack of truth” with optical nerve issues, eye infections, etc.


Your nose subconsciously senses danger or some unwelcome environment. Nose-bleeds, pressure, or blockage, are only several ways of your nose sending you warning signs about an unfavorable environment.


Your organ for smile will react negativity when conflicting personality or unwelcome situation is present. Usually, the lips send you signs such as inflammation, cold sores, blisters, etc.

Teeth, mouth, and gums

Gum bleeds, toothache, mouth infections, or ulcers all indicate a financial imbalance. When you experience such symptoms, it can be a sign that you go through financial problems.


When you are conflicted between idealism and reality, your neck is going to be the most affected body part, and you will suffer from spondylitis, neck pain, or other neck problems.


The shoulders are said to have a metaphorical role when it comes to carrying heavy burdens, and they will experience pain when there is too much of workload.


Your arms are created to embrace other people and exhibit the affection of someone. Your arm is going to react in a negative way, with pain, when you are in a really bad relationship, and when you feel stressed about the presence of someone in your life.

Hands and fingers

Your breadwinners, your hands are actually your prized possession, because of their importance in your social and work life. Any problems with your hands can indicate losing a job, a transfer at work, or sudden work change.

Ribs and torso

Your ribs and your torso are the symbols of your personal space. When your personal space encroached, you can experience pain or injury around this particular region.

The following time when you experience problems and pains in some of these areas, but you cannot find out what caused them, there is probably a more profound spiritual meaning that you have to take a look into or rectify.  

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