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Reasons Why Empaths Act Strangely When They Are Surrounded By Fake People

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Being surrounded by inauthentic people can be really distressful for empaths, since they are highly sensitive and emotional.

They soak up all the emotions and feelings that people emit which can be really exhausting and frustrating for them.

If you are considered as an empathetic person you have probably spent your time with a superficially pleasant person but after getting physically closer to him or her you just realize you cannot even form a single sentence and have a normal conversation.

It is due to your empathy sensor which warns you that the person is hiding something, since what you see and what you sense do not really match.

Empathetic people need meaningful, deep and honest relationships. They cannot build relationships with inauthentic and fake people.

Here are the reasons for their strange behavior when they are surrounded by people who drain their energy:

Empaths are able to detect liars through reading facial expressions, body language and sensing other people’s energies. They are also able to lie and pretend since it helps them to deal with the world full of too many fake people.

If the empaths find those characteristics in you it may mean they possess the same characteristics in themselves too.

The following situations make the empaths feel drained:

• Being surrounded by people who are easily influenced so that others would accept them.
• People who are superficially kind and pleasant but in fact they are seething with hatred and anger.
• Being surrounded by people who are acting tough but actually they are insecure and vulnerable.
• People who force themselves to behave in a certain way depending on the occasions, which does not match their real personality.
• People who are smooth talkers in order to be accepted but they do not really mean the words they are saying.
• People who make up stories and exaggerate when talking since they believe in that way people will like them more.

Those situations will make the empaths behave in the following way:

• Avoiding those people, not because they have said or done something inconvenient, but just because they do not emit good vibes.
• It becomes extremely difficult for the empaths to form logical and clear sentences when talking to the inauthentic people.
• The feelings of impending fear and discomfort disappear as soon as they leave.
• The long time spent with fake people causes them physical and emotional pain.
• The feelings of being powerless, vulnerable and easily drained are also present.

Empathetic people never overestimate themselves, although some of them can be almost impossible to put up with.

Their high sensitivity to the surroundings makes them emotionally and even physically sick. Many people believe that the reasons for their unhappiness is the fact that they do not know themselves well.

Hiding from the world a side of themselves with no reason at all is the main reason for their discomfort and pain.

The only way to free themselves emotionally is to be truly authentic and be real with themselves.

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