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LionsGate Portal Opening Meditation

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

The Lionsgate opening on the 8th of August is going to be the biggest and most powerful Lionsgate until now.

This is why it’s a good idea to find some time during the day, if you haven’t already, to connect to the portal that has been open since 26th July, the date that marked the start of the Cosmic New Year.

However the energies will reach their peak on the 8th of August, and I believe that it will give us a pretty nice ‘scrub’ in order to clean everything that we don’t need, but we are not aware of it.

That’s why if, in the next couple of days, you’re feeling anxious, sad, agitated or if you are experiencing physical pain, don’t worry too much as these sensations are probably a result of the cleanse you went through the previous day.

The connection to the portal can be done through meditation.

You should start by finding a comfortable position and start with taking deep breaths you knew inhaling and exhaling till you feel calm and centered. The goal of all your worries and overthinking and concentrate on your breathing. Now that you feel completely relaxed, close your eyes and slightly direct your eyes up towards the 6th chakra.

Connect with your higher self and ask it to guide you through this meditation for your Greatest Good. Express your intention to get the maximum of this connection with the Lionsgate portal and then just let the energy flow.

Before you start connecting with the Lionsgate portal, a good idea is to connect with the heart of Gaia. You can do this by letting a ray of light from your heart chakra to send your love to mother Earth. Then, through the same ray of light, you’re going to receive the love of Gaia and return it to your heart chakra.

The next ray of light goes from your heart chakra towards the Central Spiritual Sun of our galaxy, again sending your love into the universe. After some time you will allow yourself to feel the love from the Central Spiritual Sun coming back to you but a hundred times stronger.

Now comes setting the intention.

“Now I’m open to the energies of the LinesGate portal.” Then you send a light beam coming out from your seventh chakra towards the portal. “I’m asking my Guides and my higher self to help activate the light codes, cell memory and dormant abilities in my DNA. I’m setting the intention so the energies of love, light and compassion coming from the portal activate the best in me, remove what I don’t need and increase my own vibration. May these powerful energies clean and remove all the blockages and everything that isn’t Love in me.”

After setting this intention, you can ask for realization of a certain goal that you have, or in other words everything that you have been practicing to manifest using the law of attraction.

You should finish the mutation by saying thank you to your guides, your spiritual elders and your higher self for guiding you through this intention-setting meditation.

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