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Facing The Mirror: 3 Ways To Repair Your Body Image

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Looking at ourselves in the mirror could be quite an uncomfortable and awkward experience. When talking about our body image, we should take into consideration these scenarios:

  • We stand in our dressing room, and we try on clothes, while some fluorescent lights are hitting all our trouble spots;
  • We just ate our dinner, and while we are putting our pajamas on, we look at our stomach, while we stand in front of the mirror in our bedroom, and we aren’t truly thrilled with the image we see;
  • We just showered, and while we towel off, we see our reflection in our bathroom mirror, which make us cringe.

Social standards and pressure have led us to think that all those different images we see in our mirror aren’t good enough.

One relationship which isn’t easy to repair is feeling comfortable and satisfied with our appearance and our body. But, discovering trust with our body once again is more than possible.

These are the three ways in which we can repair our relationship with our mirror:

Understanding that every mirror is different.

One thing we have to remember would be that not every mirror is created the same. There are mirrors which are wider, making us appear wider, simply as we can weigh differently on different scales.

The mirror is simply a glass which shows us the reflection of our appearance. Still, we continuously see the mirror as the tool which can facilitate negative dialogues with ourselves.

Before we look in one mirror, we have to remind ourselves that it is a glass which doesn’t determine our worth. This means that when we like a dress, we should consider buying it, or when we like a certain outfit, we should put it on for work.

We should start some positive dialogue only with ourselves.

Repairing our relationship with our mirror begins with repairing our relationship with ourselves. Everything comes to loving the person we are and also speaking positively and optimistically about ourselves.

Rather than hiding from our mirror, we should embrace it. We should do that as it lets us look at ourselves, and even gives us the chance to see that wonderful person who others see.

While mirrors only reflect things on our outside, we should spend some more time before our mirror, looking profoundly into our eyes so that we can actually see through the reflection of the person we are on our inside.

Then, we should speak to ourselves, saying some positive things which we love about ourselves that aren’t related to our outward appearance.

We should focus on this miracle that our body is.

We continuously look ourselves in our mirrors, and we tell some negative comments when it comes to ourselves, and certain parts of our body. Rather than picking ourselves apart, we should look into our mirror and see some parts of our reflection which we like.

Maybe we will like our earlobes or eyelashes. When we are not able to find some part of our body that we will like, then we should start thinking about the things our body permits us to do. We can start from our head and then end at our toes.

When we do this, it will definitely be hard not to love our body as is gets us through every single day, and gives us the experiences in life we have.

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