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Why The Majority Of Twin Flames Have A Problem Forming A Union?

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by Conscious Reminder

One common question which right now circulates the community of twin flames is why most of them have issues to come into a union?

A lot of twin flames that at the moment face the pain caused by separation from those they love to question why their twins don’t want to do anything with them, although under the surface, it is obvious that they love one another a lot.

Well, some of the frequently given answers to the question are:

  • Twin flames are scared of connections.
  • Twin flames are scared of intensity.
  • Twin flames have some inner work they should do.
  • The partners of twin flames have some inner work they should do.
  • Twin flames were not destined to spend this life together.
  • Twin flames simply met in an inappropriate time, and so on.

Can you say that these answers are actually true? Well, you can; however, it will be just because you continue making them be true.

Well, the answer will be YOU. But, how exactly?

Twin flames usually meet each other at the time of life when being with each other is not that ideal. First of all, they should trust that regardless of the difficulty of the circumstances they are facing, they are there for a specific reason.

Such things may range from relationships to marriages outside of their Union, huge age gaps, large distances on a physical level, religious difference, and so on.

When we and our twin flame face such things, it will already be a huge sign that he or she is indeed our twin flame.

However, a universal truth would be that nothing of this really matters when talking about love, regardless of how “serious” those circumstances can appear to be, that is actually the main reason why he or she is there, for us to understand that nothing from this matters.

But, there is the universal law which is governing us all the time and dictates that regardless of our vibrational frequency, it will be the same one which will create our reality.

For instance, if our vibrational frequency is dictating that there are obstacles that keep us out of our Union, our Universe is going to align us with our twin flame version that displays our misaligned beliefs, feelings, and thoughts.

We are never going to make it right to the Union with our beliefs that ourselves and our twin flame have some kind of obstacle which blocks our relationship.

We can blame our twin flame, but in the end, our reality will be our own reflection, and unless we change our vibratory state, transforming it from one which is of absence and lack, to one of abundance and love, we are going to keep holding the Union far away from ourselves.

When we try to manipulate our physical reality right before we even change our inner beliefs and thoughts, we are going to see some progress with our twin flame. Neville Goddard once said:

“Change your conception of yourself, and you will automatically change the world in which you live. Do not try to change people; they are only messengers telling you who you are. Revalue yourself, and they will confirm the change.”

Well, there is some good news: the moment when we start changing our vibration will be the moment that our circumstances change to match our new attitude.

A lot of twin flames pairs experience some massive changes in less than three days, only by changing their beliefs and thoughts that they affirmed to themselves.

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