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Mars Square Pluto August 13th, 2020: Think Before You Act

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by Conscious Reminder

Every year, Mars Squares with Pluto to make a Cosmic alliance that disrupts our regular flow of life.

It often pushes us out of our comfort zone so that we explore new horizons. This 2020, we will experience Mars Square Pluto not once but thrice.

This indicates that 2020 is really a year of reflection for us. A lot is changing, and the Mars Square Pluto will bring more opportunities for change. So, expect disruption on your personal level, as well as on the global level.

The first of the three 2020 Mars Square Pluto will occur on 13th August. And then on the 9th of October, then the 20th of December. All three are connected, and we will experience a storyline unfolding with each alignment.

The 9th October Mars Square Pluto will be the peak of this energy as Mars will also be in Retrograde at that time. Another important thing to note is that Mars will also be making Squares with Saturn at the same time. So, expect an additional layer of this potent disruptive energy for the rest of 2020.

What Does The Mars Square Pluto Mean?

As already noted, this alignment unleashes volatile energy. So, tense situations may arise in our collective life, which can become hostile. Everyone will sense a feeling of unease and restlessness.

In our personal lives, we will experience power struggles and rising tensions. Some of us will also feel the urge to break free by making impulsive decisions.

It will be a constant fight over who controls what as we seek to find independence and self-control. Our insecurities and fears might also be projected onto others who we think have power over us. Be very careful with your actions in the coming days. Your inner issues might cloud your judgment.

While the Mars Square Pluto alignment will disrupt our regular ways, it will also encourage us to find our path and stand strong. We will feel the need to come into our true individual selves. The downside to this energy is that we might see anyone trying to block our ways as a threat to our self-realization. If anyone counters our way of thought, we might get triggered. The best thing to do during the Mars Square Pluto is just to keep our calm.

Under this Cosmic alliance, we will resist letting loose as our fears of losing control will be at the forefront. One word of advice is to trust the Universe and let the transformations take place on their own.

Here’s How You Can Deal With The Disruptive Energy Of Mars Square Pluto

Remember that the anxiety and fears you are feeling are causing you to project it onto others. Whenever you feel triggered, just keep your calm and think why you feel the way you do. Dig deep into your inner self and assess what the real issue is.

And even if you find that your animosity towards someone is valid, pondering on the issue will still do you good.

What the Mars Square Pluto is telling us is to stop focusing on what others control, but what we control. What can you change? Take action and change it. The power struggles will highlight where you tend to give power away. Take note, and work in that area.

Mars is a bold and fearless warrior. Take inspiration from him and accept the changes that Pluto will bring.

The Mars Square Pluto trio of 2020 will guide us to face our insecurities, so that we may come out stronger.

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