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Scorpio Full Moon On May 18th: Show More Sympathy For The Less Fortunate

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by Conscious Reminder

On 18th May, the full moon will be at 27° Scorpio present opposite to Mercury. It brings rational thinking but the problem is, it won’t sit well with many people and lead to prejudice and disagreements.

The sun is going to be aligned with the mischievous star Algol and the planet Sedna, a combo that will bring up violence and illness upon you.

The moon will be in Lupus the Wolf constellation which is related to aggression and with victimization. Aspects with Pluto is the only saving grace bringing transformation but only with a sacrifice.


On 18th May, the full moon will be making an aspect with Mercury, a minor planet called Sedna and Pluto. It will be at 27°36′ Scorpio. While Mercury and Sun will align with two fixed stars in Perseus constellation, the moon will align with minor stars in Lupus and Libra constellation.


Full moon being opposite to Mercury

When the sun is in Mercury, that means you will be rational in your arguments. While that might seem like a good thing, it is not so for sensitive issues where you need to be a bit empathetic. Arguments can also stem from emotional biases. Reflect and talk with a teacher before going for arguments. That will be best for you. However, it might be difficult to communicate your true feeling during this time.

Full Moon will Sextile Pluto

While this is not the strongest aspect, it is an important one, Pluto is all about focusing on your inner self and getting in contact with who you are. You will have many emotions buried inside you and Pluto would want to bring it out. Plus, your personal interactions with other people will get better too. You are going to be like a detective who probes into a person to bring out their inner mysteries.

Full Moon will be opposite Sedna

Sedna is all about making justifications. It will bring up issues regarding communication especially when it stems from memories of catastrophic events like tsunamis. Climate change will also be a major topic during this time.

Fixed stars

The full moon will come into the Libra constellation which brings about justice. Hatred will be punished and love will be rewarded. It will also show us how difficult it is to come in terms with our inner selves, especially our past and our present self. Maybe you’ll see the light.

The full moon also comes in the constellation of Lupus the Wolf. It is also called the Victim and indicates sacrifice. It will be aggressive and prudent but also manipulated with all the wrong reasons pushing it.

There is also an alignment with Algol, a fixed star which brings about misery, mob violence, electrocution and sickness. The Constellation Perseus shows that it might affect a large number of people.


The full moon can be a difficult one. While it brings rationality, it will also bring about a lack of empathy. Communication of feelings will be difficult. Plus, the full moon makes some violent alignments with Algol where you need to be careful. Otherwise, the constellation of the Wolf and the Scales, although difficult, can bring karmic rebalance and stop a harmful habit in you.

Be careful this full moon and try to grow. It will last till June 3rd – another new moon beginning.

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