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Connection With Dark Angel: Everything To Know And Remember

by consciousreminder
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By Linda Tint
Contributing Author, Conscious Reminder

Whatever doesn’t kill you, makes you less connected with your angel and more tangled with your devil, instead.

As we go through young life without experience, situations can be controversial, and some of them require from us to be so much involved that we don’t allow ourselves to fully realize what’s going on.

I mean situations of stress caused by social obligation: when we think that we have to fit society, or someone’s social life, which we don’t particularly fit. It can be a situation of a new student in a teenager’s group at school, a situation of unexperienced female worker in a company of alpha-males, a situation of someone in relationship with a sadist, and so on.

When we don’t meet the requirements of a group or important person, we cannot avoid guilt – a dark feeling and a trigger of life-lasting depression, which forces us to lose connection with our Angel – strong, light Guide who connects our self with the world of eternal cosmic possibilities.

In other words, when we lose connection with the Angel we lose awareness of our best and strongest qualities which allow us to realize potential of unconsiousness and to become our true happy selves.

Losing a connection with the Angel doesn’t mean that he dies: he just temporarily flies away.

We usually realize what has happened to us in a situation of humiliation or harassment only some time after we quit that situation: we change school, work, or break-up.

Only then, we see our past selves in a full image and realize what we should have done and what we shouldn’t.

We experience trauma in it’s real size and become able to discuss it, and that’s normal, as our self adapts to situations and not realizing them is one of the ways of that adaptation.

After the full realization of the past and rise of awareness, our Angel comes back – however, he went through changes and became fallen angel, or dark angel, or Devil.

Connection with the Devil is what makes us stronger and allows not to repeat the mistakes, protecting us from appearing in the similar situations again. If we had toxic relationship in the past, we start avoiding any sing of toxicity, and the Dark Angel shows the way not only to recognize a possible toxic partner but also to destroy him, or her.

Our possibility to destroy something, or someone who is similar to what made us weaker in the past, is one of the traits of good connection with the Dark Angel. If we were in a group of antisocial peers at school, our ability to charm teenagers when we grow up rises due to connection with the Dark Angel.

If we were harassed at work at young age, we become powerful with men and not only distinguish those who can violate rights of the others, but we find a way to prevent them from doing it ever in their life.

We learn how to manipulate much more than we were manipulated, and it’s important not to let this knowledge to destroy those who don’t mean any harm at all. It’s vital not to let the Dark Angel to become the only Guide in you inner life, and always to be aware of: what’s going, are you developing or not?

Are you suffering in this situation or you are happy? Are you making the others happy, or you make them suffer? This is what’s important to remember when you live in a connection with the Dark Angel, if you try to be morally good.

Although, choosing full immoral darkness is also a way to go – however there is almost no coming back from there, and no entrance into the world of your true happiness without guilt.

Connection with Dark angel makes us darker, inevitably, less happy, more toxic for the others – however, also it makes us smart, mature and protected. This is how awareness begins – the angels fly away and come back to us on black wings.

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