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Are You Part Of The First Wave That Will Raise The Earth’s Vibrations? Here Are 11 Signs You Very Well May Be

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People are reporting a lot of changes in the last six to eight years. A shift if I may call it.  If you have been doing a lot of introspection and allowed your heart to be your guide; or if you felt compelled to make a change in the world, then you might have received your true ‘call’

The reasons behind the shift in your thinking, perspectives, approach, mood, activities, or priorities are numerous. The triggers may include death of someone close, a divorce, a nasty breakup or deep dissatisfaction with your current accomplishments.

These experiences are not always easy to digest, and the pain they are causing can be felt on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

However, a person has to go through this period of disconnection because it prepares us for the special journey during which we are supposed to take our role as one of the forerunners of the new era.

The disconnection was meant to help you awaken as a part of this epoch’s First Wave, the first group of people who will influence and change the vibration of the world.

The challenges were given to assist you, resolve and cleanse mental issues or attachments, intensify your talents, and connect you with the deepest parts of yourself.

11 Signs You Are Part Of The First Wave That Will Raise The Earth’s Vibrations:

So far, you might have considered yourself as part of this “first wave.” As a first-waver, you may have the following experiences:

1. You feel as if you don’t fit in and have hard time making a connection with the people around you.

2. You feel a growing desire to reconnect with your soul family and find your true home.

3. You sense and occasionally see entities in your surroundings.

4. You feel that you don’t achieve the success, relationship or happiness that you have been dreaming of, though you know you have the outstanding skills, abilities, and intelligence.

5. Your mood, emotions, and energy levels change according to the people or environment around you. You reflect these outside forces more than your own state or condition.

6. You experience flash moments of awakening or heightened consciousness.

7. Vivid and lucid dreams become a regular occurrence.

8. You have periods of intense shedding of relationships, responsibilities, or priorities.

9. You feel time speeding up.

10. By  now synchronicities are inevitable to notice, making you believe that there is no such thing as coincidences or accidents.

11. You sense that what’s ahead may not be favorable, but the forthcoming global events have to happen that our planet may advance and the people may evolve.

Helpful tips for the first-wavers:

1. Maintain contact with others who are of high frequency and vibrations.

2. You have to understand and accept that your role in this world is figuratively and literally closer to “home.” You may not need to save the whole world to actually play part in saving it, but shine your light where you are present. That might be what the world needs from you the most.

3. You need to learn to choose the least toxic and harmful foods for your body and find fitting exercises that will help to get the best out of yourself.

4. You need to heal your old mental, physical, spiritual and emotional wounds.

5.Make sure to remind yourself ever day that it’s not your job to save everybody.

6. Work and invest in yourself. Practice, develop, and intensify your innate or learned skills and talents.

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1 comment

rebecca September 26, 2017 - 4:49 am

I’ve wondered why my life changed so much. it’s been difficult and lonely feeling like I’m more mature on all levels than even the ones I’ve always looked up to.


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