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Libra Supermoon Ritual: The Nature Is Waking Up, You Should Too

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

The Libra Supermoon will take place on March 20th and 21st. Along with that, it is the time for the Equinox too. Hence, it will be a time for new starts and a lot of energy surges will be coming your way.

The Full Moon will bring awakening within us but we have to allow this energy to pass through us. So, use this ritual to open yourself up and then bring a bit of lunar energy back to you. Charge yourself and make things happen for you.


—Your favorite smudging tool
—3 flower leaves or buds
—1 bowl of pure water
—A pinch of sea salt
—1 gently cleaned amethyst (not mandatory)
—Candles (not mandatory)

What to do?

1. Start by using your smudging tool to smudge your surroundings. Then, you will smudge your own body and also your toes. As you continue with smudging your own aura, you will have to say:

“I will be releasing all the dense energy that is present inside me. I will become light and lighten all the weight present inside me. I will be letting go of the emotions that are no longer useful. I will be clear. All the energy within me now is full of grace. I’m feeling renewed.

When you are smudging the environment, start by saying:

“I will be removing all the energy that is stagnant within this space. I will be removing all the bad energy of the past. Now, my home has been cleaned and now, the goodness of new energies flow through it. I’m now clear and light. The energy around me is renewed and restored.

2. Light up a few candles to develop a mood. Then, put all your ingredients before you. If you are using the amethyst, then place it in your hand. Sit comfortably and take ten deep breaths to keep your mind settled.

3. Pick up any one of the flowers and place it in your palms. As you hold it tightly, recite:

“My past has made me strong. It has molded me into who I am now. This memory (say what memory comes to you) means most to me. I honor it. But now, I let it all go. Now I move on and I will grow from it. I’m grateful for the past”

4. Take in a deep breath and then breathe out. Imagine that the past is getting released through your breath. Take more breathes if you want. Then, put the flower in the water bowl.

5. Now, pick up another flower and place it in your palms like before. Now recite:

“I am who I really am. I adore myself and I feel like I’m aligned with myself. I am proud of myself and I am proud of what I did (state a proud moment). But I am also aware that I need to have my limits and have stopped in certain cases (insert what you have in mind). Dear Cosmos, please help me and guide me so that I can heal in the right situation.

6. Inhale and then exhale. Imagine all the things you love and start healing with the thoughts. Take more breaths if you want. Then put the flower in the water bowl.

7.  Take the final flower and place it in your hand. Recite:

“I have a bright future. It will be like my dreams coming true. The Cosmos will be helping me to bring my life in order. Let the universe guide me forward so that my dream can come true. I believe that whatever will happen will happen when the right time comes in. It will be perfect.”

8. Inhale and exhale as if the wish is being sent out to the Universe. Put the final flower in the water bowl.

9. Once the water bowl has all the flowers, you have to add a bit of salt in it and also, the amethyst if you were using it. Now, put the bowl under the moonlight for 15 minutes or more. If you have placed the water bowl outside, then you can cover it so that no impurity is formed there.

10. As the water gets charged, you can meditate.

11. After the charging process, hold your water bowl and recite:

“I’m going to enter my new mind. I’ve harmony within me. I’m aligned with myself.”

12. Now take a small sip from the water bowl and feel all the energy enter your body. If you feel like sipping the water can harm your health, then just dab the water on the third eye or splash it on your face.

13. When the ritual is done, pick out the amethyst from the water and let it dry. Then, put it on your bedside for about 3 more nights. Snuff out the candles. You can then keep all the flowers until they decompose.

Happy Full Moon!

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