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How Spring Mercury Retrograde Will Affect Your Intimate Life, According To Your Zodiac Sign

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by Conscious Reminder

Mercury will start its annual backspin on May 10th, starting off several weeks filled with drama regarding technology, scheduling, information, and more.

This also includes our lives in the bedroom. Here is all you need to know to avoid any roadblocks that may be approaching due to the retrograde.


Communication mishaps due to the retrograde can result in strained sex life. Be sure to be clear when stating your needs and listen carefully to what your partner wants. In the latter part, you might be wanting more sensuality, so try out physical pleasure experiments to help.


You will have to focus on your pleasure right now. This retrograde will be an opportunity to reassess your desires, be it in sexuality or something else. If you find out that one of your present bonds is lacking what you want then you might question its presence.


Your needs should be the focus and evaluate if your wants are being fulfilled in the bedroom. It will also be a great time for exploring solo play and getting comfortable with the desires that are exclusive to yourself.


During the Retrograde’s first half, reduce your pace and explore steamy time by yourself to know more about your desires. In the latter half, you may notice a bit of chemistry forming with a colleague or a friend. However, be wary that events that begin during a Mercury retrograde rarely stay for too long.


Miscommunications or unexpected setbacks can result in a lot of stress in the bedroom. However, try not to let the setbacks suppress your carnal desires. Stress relief can come in the form of a fresh sexual routine or new positions.


Work can become stressful so get some spice into your bedroom to deal with all that stress. You can try remembering wild fantasies or those moments when you tried things that are uncomfortable to effectively blow off steam.


The Mercury retrograde can dig up several deep emotions when it comes to intimacy. However, at the same time, it can show you how to accept things that you have considered “taboo” earlier. Do not shy away from embracing your fantasies of sexuality and expressing your carnality.


Relationships and sex are going to be two equally big themes during this period. As such, past drama involving a lover can surface and need to be addressed. If your relationship is at a casual stage right now, then you might be wondering about commitment. Clear them to enjoy a freer sexual connection.


The Retrograde’s latter part will draw focus on the issues in your current relationship. So be sure to be clear when you are talking with your partner about your needs. Also, be sure to spend enough time being intimate.


The backspin’s first part can cause miscommunications and clashes at work which in turn can make it more difficult to spend quality time with your partner. However, the latter half can have some sexy surprises as well as old flames and dormant sext conversations might come back to life.


It will not be surprising at all if a former match on Tinder or a former ex makes a return. However, as fun as flirting can be, bear in mind that connections that begin now hardly stay for good. But they are good for short-term connections.


Be as clear as you can on what you are saying and make sure you are aware and understanding of your partner’s intimate desires. Your energy may be more appropriate for some leisurely chill sessions being as comfortable as possible rather than fantastical sexcapades. 

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