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Venus Enters Pisces On March 26th And Will Turn Your Love Life Into A Magical Fairytale

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by Conscious Reminder

It’s time for your fairy-tale romance to come true! The Planet of Love is now in the dreamy planet of Venus. When these two planets come together, they engage in an ‘exaltation’ as astrologers call it.

It means that Pisces will help bring out the best in Venus. So, the season of love will be in full swing. When Venus is in Pisces, love transforms into magic.

Our relationships enter the spotlight and we enter spiritual realms, going beyond physical limitations. Venus and Pisces are like the dream couple of the cosmos and their energy will brighten up our love life.

Love Is In The Air

Venus in Pisces will cast a spell on love on all of us. We all want to be loved, fall in love with the right person, and stay together forever. But the cupid never really shows up.

But now, everything is going to change. Once the planet of Love enters Pisces, you will connect with your significant other on a deeper level. Pisces will give your love life that dreamy effect that we all crave for.

A Bit Of Idealism

However, getting our heads in the clouds can be harmful too. It will affect our judgments and we might overlook any flaws that our partner may have. When we are starting to date someone, we should spend a lot of time with the person before really committing to them.

Love at first sight is just falling in love with an idea, an illusion. Venus in Pisces will empower this illusory effect of love. We need to keep our rationality and not get swayed by superficial displays.

Seeing people with your idealistic glasses on is not always a terrible thing. When you point out every flaw and try to change everything about a person, then, the relationship turns toxic.

A person is unique and they are flawed. In a pure relationship, we are supposed to accept the flaws of one another and help to develop a wholesome relationship. We should try to give up on controlling the relationship but rather meet on some common ground and grow from there.

Our love should be experienced mutually in its purest. However, the extent and degree of flaws is what differentiates a normal relationship from a toxic one.

Follow Your Dreams

Venus in Pisces can be good for your finances if you want to monetize your dreams. It’s the kind of alignment where you can bring your imagination into play and cash on it, if you want.

However, it may not be very successful as this alignment does not deal with money. Rather, it’s more about charity and giving away love and kindness.

Living In A Fantasy World

If you had waited for a soul mate connection for so long, then, you don’t have to wait anymore. When Venus is in Pisces, you can let your love flow freely and this will expose you to different soul mate connections.

You will have a fantasy in your head and you will color people and places with that fantasy. Pisces is responsible for this. You will expect unconditional love and you are willing to give it too. And as per the definition of unconditional love, you will not judge your partner for anything.

But then, you will be setting yourself up for a major disappointment if you do so. For a proper relationship, we should not put people on pedestals. Rather we should notice their flaws and judge them accordingly.

Lending A Helping Hand

Fortunately, the limitless feature of Pisces will also make you empathetic. You can understand the suffering of other people and so, you will be the one going out of your way to extend a helping hand.

You will lend your advice to the people who are struggling with their lives. But this can be a curse too, as you will be spending more time in the life of others and experiencing anxiety and pain as you channelize their emotions through you.

Become An Escapist

Being dreamy, Pisces has a bit of escapism in it. You will read a lot of fantasy books or start watching movies just so that your mind enters the shoes of the characters. Daydreaming will become a common hobby.

Dreams and imagination will combine to form wonderful images in your mind and will make you creative. So, take out your pen and paper and start writing your masterpiece. This period is as good as any.

Powering Up Your Intuition

Your psychic capabilities will get intensified during this period too. Venus takes care of your relationships but a relationship cannot last unless you have a strong intuition that will pick up small romantic cues at the moment.

Your instincts will help you know what your lover wants and whether it is a right need for the moment. You can also look inside and engage in self-care routines. After all, self-care is important for your personal development.

Venus in Pisces is the time of your dreams. So, why not fire up your romance during this time?

Traits of Venus In Pisces

  • Compassionate
  • Humble
  • Empathetic
  • Idealistic
  • Creative
  • Sentimental
  • Spiritual
  • Sensitive
  • Playful

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