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The Spiritual Meaning Behind Déjà Vu

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by Conscious Reminder

Before we get into the details, let us talk about what the phrase means. Déjà Vu is a term assigned to a particular feeling.

Say you are in a particular situation at present but you feel like you have had that particular experience or felt what you are feeling at that moment before. This is known as a déjà vu.

People spend a lot of time trying to understand what a déjà vu indicates for them but a lot of thought is not necessary. A déjà vu simply exists to tell you that you are doing what you were always supposed to and you are headed in the right direction.

Since any déjà vu has something to do with the past, some believe that they are related to our past births but that is not the only explanation that can be found.

Dr. Michael Newton, who is a hypnotist, says that déjà vu’s go way beyond our past births. He says that they are related to the time when we were mere spirits roaming about in the Universe.

What I am about to present to you is an amalgamation of many opinions about the above. When we exist as spirits in the realm that is set apart from the human realm, we are not alone. We are part of a family like structure known as the soul group.

These are other souls who support us and later, when we take our places on the Earth, become a part of our lives in the form of our significant others, parents, siblings or even our closest friends.

While we are still spirits, we start prepping for our lives as humans and this is when our soul group helps us- what we wish to do, how we wish to live our lives and what kind of people we want to be. There are a lot of decisions that are made and one of these decisions is about the purpose of our lives.

After that, when we are born, we come together with our soul family in some way or the other and start off the journey of our lives, which is laced with important milestones throughout to serve as reminders when we are going the right way.

When we get to these milestones, we are reminded that we are set correctly and this is when we feel a déjà vu, because we have felt and seen these things in the realm of the soul already.

All of us exist on this earth with a purpose to fulfil and do everything that is meant to be done by us and a déjà vu is one of the ways to know that we are doing fine. If you feel a déjà vu sometime, be reassured that your purpose is being fulfilled the way it is supposed to be fulfilled.

When this happens, it is imperative that you take a moment and see what is around you and understand that your surroundings are a sign. A sign of the fact that your soul is satisfied and happy because this is exactly what it hoped would happen.

There are many explanations and meanings that can be assigned to a déjà vu but the above is one the most comfortable explanations that I have ever come across. To know that we are doing the right things in a world that is mostly grey is a huge relief. There is a lot that could go wrong and maybe it did, too, but you made it to a milestone regardless.

Love yourself and carry on. You will be alright.

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