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Captain Tom Moore Wins The ‘Pride Of Britain’ Award And Continues To Raise Millions For The NHS

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by Conscious Reminder

WWII veteran Captain Tom Moore might be 99, but his spirit is still wholeheartedly at the service of the nation.

When the world is undergoing a global crisis due to the pandemic, the dedicated Captain is spreading a light of hope that is much-needed in these grave circumstances.

The Captain set out with his charity campaign with an initial target of £1,000. He promised to walk 100 laps of his garden before his 100th birthday and encouraged people to contribute for all the healthcare workers relentlessly working and risking their lives to save others. But the initial target was blown out of the water after the Captain successfully raised £28 million.

Tom’s campaign seems like an unswerving pledge to protect his nation yet again, just like in his armored days as Captain. The support and love of the people contributing to his fundraising page with JustGiving is also commendable for the massive flow-in of donations.

The 99-year-old veteran had also recently shared a duet with Michael Ball on a cover of ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’, which hit the Favorite list in iTunes.

The song is now in stiff competition with the Canadian singer, The Weeknd’s 2019 best-loved ‘Blinding Lights’ as the No. 1.

Latest reports suggest that Tom Moore might just miss out on the 1st position as Official Charts Company delivered reports of The Weeknd’s lead on the sales and streaming chart.

As of Thursday, the veteran’s Walk-for-NHS campaign was even aided by his competitor himself. On a Twitter post, the Canadian singer promoted Moore’s campaign and appealed for everyone’s generous support and contribution.

The two are separated by a slim difference of 18,000 chart sales, and The Weeknd and the entire country is rooting for the Captain to become No.1.

It’s a tough competition more so because the Captain’s chart sales depend on people actually downloading the song for a minimum donation, which will go to the NHS charity.

The entire country now waits restlessly for the Captain as the results are set to be out on Friday at 7 pm.

Win or lose, the veteran has surely caught the attention of the entire nation and has become the most commended national hero. The medical system, which was previously suffering from lack of protective gear and other facilities, now has a chance at improvement and save many more lives in such trying times.

The Captain who is set for his 100th birthday on the 30th of April is now in for another surprise as well. He is to be awarded the ‘Pride Of Britain’ Award for his extraordinary and prolonged service to his nation. The braveheart’s fundraiser has become a crucial effort to bring hope amid the darkness of crisis.

Carol Vorderman, the host of Good Morning Britain, surprised Moore with this information via a video interview on Thursday. Among the many nominations, Tom was the chosen one because of his selflessness and his influence over all the three present generations.

A true hero raising money in difficult times for those he regards as his heroes, Moore has received enormous love and affection from the national media and the nation itself.

Carol went on to praise Moore for raising a ridiculous amount of money, his modesty, kindness, and determination.

Truly a Pride of Britain, the humble veteran is deserving of this award for his continued service even at this age.

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