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Unconditional Love Is The Key To The Door That Leads To New Earth

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Love can either be unconditional or conditional. We will need a purified and strong soul, in order to give unconditional love, without attaching to our partner reciprocating. In fact, that is the profound love of the father and mother emerging from our inside.   

As the planets Saturn and Pluto conjunct the South Node, the places where we are giving our powers away through the expectations of others will be then brought up.

The places where other people lack reciprocation actually make us feel small, less than, ugly, unworthy, for we have to spot such illusion. We release the vulnerability fear in all the life facets.

As we were told by patriarchal control, being vulnerable can be bad. We were programmed never to show the love we have for someone if it is not reciprocated, meaning that we buried that love, as we were afraid of being rejected.

Whenever love appears, we have developed the need for weighing the advantages and risks of opening the heart. Unluckily, we usually decide that loving other people is something too risky when it comes to our own sensitive egos.

Releasing fears from our past lives means that we are prepared to tear every wall to love down for we are not able to ascend carrying the heavyweight.

A lot of people desire new beginnings; however, the ways leading to new beginnings are made by collapsing the old timelines. Doing that actually means forgiving, together with moving into limitless love.

A lot of people are hesitating at the moment, as they are struggling between the fear of their egos of exposing the vulnerability, and also the step into the unconditional love.

We are not supposed to be afraid when it comes to making the step towards as it is what is going to get us onto new timelines.

However, this should not be mistaken for the sacrifice of our true self, and lack of limits.

For our true and unconditional love to extend towards the self, we should honor our self, and use discernment for what is our energy to heal and carry, and what is also another’s.

When someone suffers from pain and lashes out at us, we can actually love his or her soul, while we extract ourselves from the need of participating with his or her ego.

For our twin flame, we have to release the “buts.” Will love stop as a result of being unreciprocated? Well, true love does not care if it is returned or not. True love does not depend upon our soulmate or twin flame fulfilling our expectation about the relationship.

Our twin is us. Rather than just seeing him or her as our relationship, we should change our perspective and see him or her as our extension.

They are the beacon which shows us that everyone is our extension. When we are withholding love for someone else as we feel that they will not give us love back, we simply hold that love back and live in illusion.

In fact, unconditional love represents Christ consciousness’ love. When love is in the purest form, it does not have limits. However, it isn’t a fairy tale love just because for some fairy tales love is codependent.

The thing that our love is actually finite and has to be reciprocity-based is what was creating twin flames separation, and separation of humanity in general.

We are going to continue being triggered and stay in separation unless we break all the chains which keep us constantly in our minds and not our hearts.

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