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Saturn And Pluto Are Soon To Align: Turning Point In Your Life

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by Conscious Reminder

Saturn and Pluto don’t usually align, so this is going to be interesting.

It is not merely a whim that things have been different around here lately. The energies seem to be charged up more, we are more passionate, intense, and prone to anger.

This is because the conjunction between two of the most charged planets in the solar system is bound to make things dramatic.

And until that conjunction occurs in 2020, we would be feeling it. Even after the conjunction, you would still be having after effects of it.

The date fixed for the shift is January 12, 2020, and since this conjunction occurs every 34 years, it is inevitable that something huge and intense is in store.

It would also be dark, in the sense that it would lead us to ask difficult questions that we would rather not answer. But, one must promise themselves that they would work to the best of their limits to not waste what has been granted to them.

Since the shift will take place in Capricorn, we would really have a new mindset through which we would be able to look at life. Now, you must know that patience would be running thin here, for Saturn’s positivity is pretty hard to find.

Human beings, as a rule, are extremely impatient so any delay in their plans would be a problem for them and would lead to them losing their patience. So, it is of utmost importance that one doesn’t let go of the hope of better and brighter things to come.

This is the time for reflection on who you are as a human being. Don’t change yourself from who you are, but merely adapt to the circumstances that you are forcing yourself through. Don’t fight with it. 

As Bruce Lee once said, ‘Be like water. Malleable.’ You can’t afford to let yourself go this time, for that will lead to unforeseen disasters.

You need to constantly ask yourself questions, and look into the mirror, to prevent yourself from doing things, or making decisions that are problematic and would lead to problems.

Humans need to realize that astrological events factor more in their lives than they would give it credit for. Every single event that occurs leads to some changes that would affect every person in a different way.

You can very well choose to ignore it, but if you intentionally and consciously fight against it, that would be a problem. Just letting it run through your life would allow you to grow at a phenomenal rate, that you would never have perceived before.

This astrological journey of Saturn and Pluto is one that should never be taken lightly, for it would spell incredible events in the near future. And while that ‘near future’ might not look that near, to those who are already enmeshed in it, it does look vastly different from the one they are living.

Astrology King mentions how this transit would lead to some major introspections that would help you throw away things and people that have outlived their use, and are simply toxic to your presence.

The main point is, you have to step on the snake. You need to directly address the situation without beating around the bush. Sure, you would face hardships, financial problems, heartbreak, maybe even some physical injury.

But, unless you deal with it head on, you wouldn’t get the joy, the contentment that comes after dealing with the skeletons in one’s closet.

You need to do away with things that are holding you back. Yes, they come with sadness and depression, but sometimes it is better to rip off the band-aid.

And this transit would appear as the hand that rips off the band-aid.

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