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It’s Hard To Find Your True Self In The Mayhem, But These 3 Places Can Be Where You Do

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

When we watch the news, they will probably remind us of how is chaos a dominating thing in life worldwide right now. People need some leaders that will protect their interests, but not the political careers they have.

Because of the lower rates of vaccination, one disease which was virtually eliminated more than 20 years ago, now experiences resurgence on the level of epidemic too.

There is a loneliness crisis which we all face. The religious institutions which bind our societies lose their influence too. Social media, the tool which has the original intention to connect people, results in smaller human intimacy.

Unluckily, Instagram and Facebook only supplement human interaction, which means they can’t substitute for friendship in person, although their users hope they actually can.

Here are the three useful ways which will help us to find the truest version of ourselves in this world full of chaos:


When it comes to religion, some people feel disillusioned. No one really wants sermons that focus on condemning and judging their truly wicked ways. But, there is actually something present in the DNA of people that longs for something better.

God is loving and just, and every one of us is his or her child. Regardless of our faith, and also the differences existing between most of the traditions, we can say that we are inevitably connected together by the ways we are treating one another.

Every religion in the world encourages kindness, compassion, generosity, and patience; such things are the universal virtues that are fundamental to our societies, and everyone can embrace them.


We should ask ourselves if we are there for those people who are the most important in our lives or not. We all need relationship inventories. We have all sometimes witnessed how our loved ones were breaking other people down, without building those people back up.

In fact, the irony in this is that a person will already face destructive forces here in this world, including the unrealistic demands of the societies. That’s why every person in this world is so exhausted.

Success will be hollow if we don’t share it with a person that really matters to us. Well, we can’t take everything material that we possess with us. We need others who will support us, not only in our success, but in our sorrow as well, and we have to that for others.

Regardless of how painful it sounds, we need people that will hold us accountable, or call us when we are going astray. We have all grown as individuals as some people pushed us. Some people only need understanding and support of their own feelings.

The change challenge

Every person is a work in progress. Lasting changes mean development and growth by facing various challenges. If we are lucky enough, we will skillfully adapt to the tests of life, to make some progress, and not perfection.

When searching for our authentic selves, we have to tune out everything superficial and focus on everything substantive.

Although we have to be skillful in order to make for a living, some legitimate issues which regard our souls cannot be ignored. The ways we treat one another and what we are standing for says a lot about us right after we finally leave the world.

We also have a lot of opportunities to celebrate success and even support one another in our own trials. We will need to notice or even make the best of these opportunities as we strive to become better children, brothers or sisters, friends, uncles, etc.

We can actually make this world quite more harmonious, empowering each other to change the country in which we live too, with accepting the significance of facing some challenges, celebrating human beings’ spiritual nature, and healing relationships.

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