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These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Have The Best April 2019

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by Conscious Reminder

The showers of April bring the flowers of May, but this does not make April a less important month.

After all, it is the start of the spring season, generally the best one of every year. However, three signs from the Zodiac are going to experience the best time this April, and they Are Leo, Aries, and Sagittarius.

Every one of us deserves to have a good month; however, that is not always possible. For instance, the Pisces season wasn’t perfect for the family of fire signs and for others too.

But, the family of water signs certainly knew the best way of swimming through the waters of the season.

Nonetheless, April is a month packed with retrogrades and transits. There will be three planets in retrograde during this month. A lot of people don’t like retrograde cycles.

The good news is that the planet Jupiter will be one of those three planets going retrograde. This planet is one of expansion and abundance, which means that we are probably not going to hate this particular transit so much.

When the two planets actually slow down, people will be required to look inside at their limitations and structures, while in the same time reflecting on power’s meaning, and where it was taken away from them in some previous occasions.

Everything is too complicated, but it would be significant to take some notes of it, because the outer planets may ultimately affect the whole generation, an additional reason why people usually call them generation planets.

The truth is that when they move slower, they have more power. Like a tornado which moves slowly. Are its after-effects going to be more powerful? Well, this also happens with outer planets, when it comes to astrology.

Here are the three signs and what they should expect during the month of April:

Aries: Walking on sunshine.

This is the birthday season of the people that are born under this sign, so what can we say? The month of April will be lit for them, in every single sense of this word.

The Sun, Venus and Mercury are all going to make a universal cameo in their sign during April, so they are going to be charismatic like never before. Anyway, they should make sure to go out, in order to celebrate and have some fun.

Leo: Feeling spontaneous.

If the people born under this sign get away for a needed vacay, they should know that the starts totally align in their favor, so they should make this period the best.

On the other hand, with the planets Venus and Mercury, and the Sun traveling through their sister sign during April, they are going to be rewarded with a harmonious flow of energy.

During April, some of these people could also catch a lucky break as well. They should not be afraid when it comes to taking risks.

Sagittarius: Feeling like the life of the party.

When talking about a successful year, the ruling planet of this sign, the planet Jupiter, travels through it, expanding the horizons of the people who are born under it, and also gifting them with fortune and abundance.

However, Jupiter will start the retrograde in this sign during April too, which actually means more time spent in these people’s sign.   

Moreover, with the planets Venus and Mercury and the Sun shaking up their expressive 5th house during April, they will be on fire.

Whether they fall in love during this month or get creative juices flowing, there is one thing for sure: the month of April will be their time to be excellent and to shine.

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